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What's In Store for 2020

This article was originally presented to the Oasis Group on Thursday, February 6th, 2020.

It quite remarkable the power and information that can be revealed in a Number.

What is in Store for 2020 Part 1

By Thomas Morrell ©2020

As shown in previous articles, much can be revealed in a Year within its Number and Symbolic Values, as well as, where we are in time. Let’s take a look at the year 2020 and see what’s in store.

In Numerology, 2020 is a Number 4 Year (2+0+2+0=4.) 4 is the Number of Uranus and the Secondary Number of the Sun. In the Mundane Uranus rules civic and labor organizations, technology (computers, cell phones, the internet) and industry. It should be noted that within Time in The God Clock, we were in a 52 Year Uranus Period from 1878 through 1930 and that when we became industrialized, along with the use of the telephone, air flight and automobiles.

Negatively Uranus can bring strikes, riots, revolutions, upheavals and protests. This can also bring accidents with air travel, trains and explosions. Uranus is an unstable influence, so weather can be very unstable – we can experience severe weather patterns, including earthquakes. Uranus is the Planet that governs the Sign of Aquarius, so we can also look for more humanitarian issues, as well as humanity in general.

When a Number or Word, is reduced by 52 (the Solar Value of the King of Spades, the Card of the “Spiritual Master”) until the remainder is 52 or less, it gives us the Symbolic Value of that Number or Word. Using that technique with 2020, we come up with 44, the Solar Value of the 5 of Spades. 5 is the Number of Mercury and represents change and Spades the Element of Water representing the heavier things in life, work, health and even our spiritual work. This indicates 2020 will be about change. Areas these changes can take place in will be health care, work and working conditions, changes to our life style and even religion and/or spiritual arenas.

The 5 of Spades sits in the Mars Column/Venus Line in the Life Plate, this gives us more insight into what to expect for the Year 2020. Mars rules the military, police, people liable to die, violent crime, militants, armed forces, war and men in general. Venus rules love, beauty and women in general. It can also represent peace and/or negotiations for peace. As well as, our national resources, financial matters and farming/food. Look for these areas to escalate during this year. Last Year was a 4 of Spades Year falling in the Jupiter line and brought many import/export issues, this Year with the 5 of Spades sitting in the Venus Line, look for negotiations, deals being made, but with the Mars influence being present, it will be hard to accomplish a lot as there will be much conflict and aggression.

Mars rules Aries and Venus rules Libra which are opposite each other in the Zodiac, creating a conflicting position for the 5 of Spades to be in. The constant state of friction, action, war, while also wanting peace, harmony and balance – and – all in the environment of the Number 5, change. More on the Mars influence in a bit.

The Card Number being a Number 5 the Number of Mercury, we can also look for events and experiences to happen in these areas – communication, information, the media, speech, travel, education and even intellectual property. Positively, free flowing information, good communication and successful educational systems. Negatively, higher traffic fatalities, transportation accidents, suppression of information and possible teacher/education system problems. Even though recent years haven’t been Number 5 Card Years and much of the negative events and experiences have been happening associated with it, with it now being a Number 5 Year, these will be illuminated, brought to light more clearly and in depth.

Since it is a Number 4 Year and 4 is the Number of Uranus, the King of Diamonds would be the Planetary Ruling Card for the Year as it is the Natal Uranus Card for the 5 of Spades. The King of Diamonds can represent a man, or men in high positions of authority, especially in relation to finances or values. Since it is the only “One Eyed” King in the deck, limited vision, or views on things may also be present. Being a Uranus Ruled Year expect the unexpected and the breaking up the status quo. This may indicate a change in leadership (King of Diamonds) where the old limited way of doing and seeing things has ran it’s course and it’s time for new leadership. Leadership with more humanitarian views and values. As the disparity between the ultra rich and average people widens, a leader that pushes to close that gap through more fair policies, a leader with real values and morals.

We know it is a 5 of Spades/King of Diamonds Year with Venus/Mars placements representing Change (5), in work, health, lives (Spades.) 5/Mercury also illuminating issues with travel, transport, information, media, education and communication. In Venus ruled areas (women, peace negotiations, food supply) and Mars ruled areas (war, conflict, the military and police.) Leadership (King of Diamonds) change in this area, as well as, financial, or banking matters – and – all under the unexpected, break-up, humanitarian influence of Uranus (Number 4 Year.)

Besides these influences, we also have Time itself, where we are within The God Clock and it’s influence, as well. In the larger picture we started and new 364 Year Cycle in 1982 having 7 Planetary Periods of 52 Years, of which we are in the first 52 Year Mercury Period until 2034, the “Information Age.” Look at everything that has happened since 1982 in Mercury Ruled areas – communication (especially cell phones), our cars, transportation, education, etc. 2020 being a Number 5 Card, this can highlight all the events and experiences associated with the areas just mentioned.

Each main cycle (364 years/1 Year or 28 Years (Saturn)/28 Days (Lunar) will have 4 Seasons within them. We would currently be in the first (Spring) 91 Year Season meaning on a larger scale we are planting seeds, or things are just starting to sprout in our evolution on this Earth and in Time, within the current 364 Year Cycle. Each Planetary Period of the main cycles will have their seasons, as well. This means we are in a Fall Season (Harvest) within the 52 Year Mercury Period. We are really things coming to fruition regard the seeds that were planted starting in 1982, the growth we experienced starting in 1995, and again really seeing it now which started in 2008. 2021 will be the final Season within the current 52 Year Mercury Period which will be a time of reflection on what we have done over this 52 Year Cycle, before starting the next in 2034.

During the current 91 Year cycle we are still in the 13 Year Mars Period that started in 2008, so we have been in this awhile and dealing with its influence. Wars and conflicts all over the world, police actions even at home, etc. This influence continues through 2021 and again a Spring Season within the 364 Year Cycle, meaning what we are doing now, is planting seeds, or things just starting to sprout that will create events and experiences, that will take place later. In the 28 Year Saturn Cycle, we are in a 4 Year Mars Period that started in 2018 and will continue until we go into a 4 Year Jupiter Period in 2022. The Mars ruled areas (wars, conflicts, etc.) have definitely been intensified around the world under this influence. While 2020 is a Number 4 Year (Uranus), within Time in the current 7 Year Cycle, a Season of a 28 Year cycle, we are in a Jupiter Year.

Jupiter rules expansion, financial and trade relations, religion, clergy, judges and the high courts along with Royalty. Interesting that Harry and Megan spilt from their duties in the Royal family just after the first of the year (Uranus upheavals/Jupiter/Royals.) Negatively Jupiter brings border disputes, import/export problems, international predicaments and religious suppression. Under the influence of Uranus (upheavals) and all the Mars (conflict and war) influence by placement in the Life Plate and the various Mars Periods we are in within time, 2020 looks like more of the same, but worse. While unstable, the Uranus influence can be good as it will shake things up, so the world can go in a new direction.

Being a Number 4 Year ruled by Uranus Number 4 Days within the Year could be more important. Uranus rules technology and February 4th is a Uranus ruled Day – that was the day of the Iowa Caucuses, where there was a major glitch in an app used to report the results, that resulted in much delay and confusion. Number 4 Days occur every 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st of each Month.

As we can see, many of the Planetary influences, whether by placement in the Life Plate, Planetary Periods and our position in time are in place just as in 2019. However, this year being a Number 5 Card and a Uranus Year by Number, change and upheaval are in the air.

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May 17, 2020

Thank you,Master! ❤️


Mar 20, 2020

Thank you. So much information good to have this as reference.

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