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Within the pages of this book, the author takes us on a journey back into ancient calendars, structures and systems, to not only understand Time itself, but just as important – our journey through it, as well. Looking into the past, we will see that time is not only divided into specific increments, such as days, months, seasons and years, but also in specific periods, cycles, proportion and all within a circle. Once we understand the make up of time, later the author proposes the Mayan Time Grids, even larger blocks of time and the influence of those increments upon us. Did you know, in 1982 we started the “Information Age” that will last for 52 years? We will try to understand, or comprehend what Time is made of, its basis; its essence, or matrix and look at ourselves as possible time pieces, operating perfectly within it. To see Time literally as a fabric and how everything, including us, is woven into it, showing that everything is a circle and that we are all connected. If Time really is a circle, will what has happened before, happen again? An even deeper question, where does Time come from? The author suggests the possibility of a grand mechanism in which all time unfolds known as “The God Clock,” which could very well be the consciousness, or soul of the universe. After reading this book, it is possible you will never look at the Universe, our Solar System, the Earth, our life on it, yourself and how you connect to others and Time in the same manner ever again.

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