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The Ancient Book of Time
by Thomas Morrell
© 2016 all rights reserved


What Actually Is The Ancient Book of Time? 

It is a remarkable, ancient, symbolic, astronomical calculator, based on the mathematics and symbology behind the ordinary deck of playing cards. While many believe the System originated with the Magi (astrologers, alchemists, etc., mentioned in the Bible), it is probably much older and of Mayan or Ancient Masonic origin.


The Not So Ordinary Deck of Cards

While many think of playing cards simply as a means to play games, such as poker, solitaire, etc., they are actually an exact reflection of our Calendar – and more. There are 52 weeks in a year, 52 cards in the deck, 4 seasons, 4 suits, 12 months, 12 court cards, 13 cards in each suit, 13 weeks in each season and 13 lunar cycles in each year. Each card has a spot value of 1 through 13 and when all the spot values of each card are added together they equal 364, to which the Joker is added to bring the total to 365, the number of days in the year. A deck of cards is taken in perfect order from the Ace of Hearts to the King of Spades and then quadrated, or thrown to the 4 directions. After this process the cards are then laid out in 7 planetary rows and columns with the last 3 cards placed in the center across the top, representing what is called a Plate. The Cards are then placed back in the order they were before they were laid out, quadrated and laid out again to form another Plate. This continues until after 90 times when the deck falls back into perfect order. What do we do with the 90 Plates? – we shall see in a moment.


What Is A Card and Where Do They Come From?

The Masonic Symbol illustrates the forming of a Plate by the math built and defined within it. The Letter G in the middle in the Chaldean Number System represents the Number 7, the Number of Spirit. A circle with a diameter of 7 will have a circumference of 22, representing the building blocks of our Solar System – the Sun, Earth and Moon (3), the 7 Planets (Mercury through Neptune) and the 12 Signs of the Zodiac (3+7+12=22.) The Quadration process then forms the 52 increments in a Plate, which are represented by the 52 playing cards. Each Card is a make up of a Number (number of the card,) Planet (planet associated with that number,) and Element (Suit.), each having it’s own quality and influence. As revealed in the book “The Conquest of Mexico” by William H. Prescott, published in the later 1800's, the Aztecs had a similar System of 52 reeds, that were used for astronomical calculation.

Our Journey Through the Plates

Through a Mathematical calculation, each day of the year is represented by a Card. A person’s birth date (or anything with a birth date) is the starting point in the path within the System. We then progress through the 90 Plates at various rates associated with natural cycles and seasons we experience here on Earth – (28 year (Saturn) 7 Year (Season of Saturn), Year, 91 day Season, 28 day Lunar and 7 day Weekly/Seasonal to name a few. The Sun or Birth Card is the reference point in each of the 90 Plates from which a specific chart can be derived. The first 7 Cards after the Sun/Birth Card are the timing ones, for example in a Year there will be 7 Planetary Periods of 52 days, in a 28 day Lunar Chart, 7 Planetary Periods of 4 days, etc. There will also be 5 Cards beyond the 7 which have an important overall influence. The Cards that fall into these positions can point to who, what, where and when in our lives. As mentioned above, it is a precise astronomical calculator that easily shows where one is in their life at any moment – past, present and what is to come, even down to the day. No shuffles or cuts, all mathematically laid out.


Other Techniques

Love and Friendships?

Besides looking at various chart for different periods of time in our lives, the System can also be used for detailed Relationship Comparisons, both Synastry (planetary connections) and Composite (the 2 Charts combined into 1) This many times can point to the good, as well as, challenging areas within a relationship to better understand them.


Names and Numbers

If that isn’t enough, a Card for every Name and Number can be calculated, to give us a better understanding of their vibration, or essence and our connection to them. Changes can also be made to bring out more fortunate possibilities.

An Incredible Life Map

That this remarkable Ancient System has been here right before us this whole time, hidden with an ordinary deck of playing cards. Revealing a precise map of our lives, down to each single day to give us each a better understanding of our path within it and how we connect to the world and those around us. It is also the same matrix in which Time itself unfolds, seamlessly integrated within it, magnificently representing your journey through time!

Time is a Circle, Spirit is the Diameter of Time...and we are all connected.

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