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The Passing of Kobe Bryant

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

by Thomas Morrell copyright 2020

The Passing of Kobe Bryant

by Thomas Morrell ©2020

On January 26th, NBA Legend Kobe Bryant along with 8 others, including his 13 year old daughter died in a helicopter crash just before 10 AM near Calabasas, California.

Kobe Bryant's birth date is on August 23rd, 1978, which makes him a 3 of Clubs. Born under the Sign of Virgo and being born on a Number 5 day (both ruled by Mercury) makes his Planetary Sign Card and Planetary Number Card the 3 of Spades, his Natal Mercury Card. 3 is the Number of Jupiter the ruling Planet of the Sign Sagittarius, a Fire Sign. With Kobe’s 3 main Cards Number 3 Cards, this gives him much Fire Sign like qualities. Positively, they can be creative, passionate and self sufficient. Negatively, they can be bossy, selfish and have an over inflated ego. They may think they can get away with anything and can also spin out of control at times. Donald Trump’s 3 main Cards are all Fire Numbers (3 of Diamonds and a double Ace of Spades), as well as Tiger Woods (Ace of Hearts/3 of Clubs/3 of Spades.) As we have seen in all 3 persons, they are ambitious, driven, can be selfish, egotistical and have had their share of their lives spinning out of control.

Let’s take a look at what was going on in The Ancient Book of Time at the time of this tragic event.

In his 28 Year Chart he was in his 4 Year Jupiter Period and had the 8 of Hearts in this position. This is interesting not so much as in the Card itself but where it is sitting in Plate 1, where his current 28 Year Chart is derived, the Jupiter Column/Uranus Line. What makes it interesting is that in the 28 Day Lunar Chart, where many Death Cards were present, his Birth Card, the 3 of Clubs was sitting in this position. As you will see it also forms a Mystic Conjunction by Reception to the 8 of Hearts in the Weekly Chart. This wonderfully illustrates the fabric of The Ancient Book of Time System and how it works, like gears of clock meshing together and when the gears line up, it can trigger specific, important events in our lives.

In his 7 Year Chart, Kobe was in his 1 Year Neptune Period on Plate 5. The 4 of Clubs was sitting here, another Card that doesn’t specifically point to the event, but it is displacing the 10 of Hearts, the Inner Soul Card of his daughter that also died in the crash. Since the Planetary Periods within the 7 Year Charts are of a 1 Year duration, the Number of the Year would influence this Chart. 2020 is a Number 4 Year (2+0+2+0=4) and 4 is the Number of Uranus. We would also look the Uranus Card in the Chart which was the 6 of Diamonds and what is significant about this, is that the Saturn Card right next to it is displacing the 6 of Diamonds, the 5 of Spades, forming what we call a Mystic Reception, pulling that placement and Card into play, as well. This would indicate that travel (5 of Spades) might be difficult (Saturn) this Year. The 5 of Spades was also the Birth Card of his Daughter (5/1/2006) who was with him that day.

He was in his 52 Day Mars Period in his Yearly Chart on Plate 41. Mars energy can make us impatient and aggressive which may have been a factor in the decision to fly under the questionable conditions present. He had the Jack of Hearts there, known in the Cards as the “Christ” Card, the Card of sacrifice. The Sun was in Aquarius at the time, triggering the Uranus influences within the Chart and possibly strengthening the Uranus influence in the 7 Year Chart. He had the Ace of Clubs in Uranus, representing a desire to know or learn something and the Uranus Return Card (the Card that sits in his original Life Plate position) is the 9 of Clubs, the Planetary Sign Card of his daughter Gianna. Uranus also rules the unexpected and accidents.

In his 91 Day Seasonal Chart, he was in his 13 Day Saturn Period, Saturn ruling difficulties, burdens, lessons to be learned and the Card/s in play were the 7 of Diamonds/9 of Hearts in the Saturn/Saturn position in the 75th Plate, also his Natal Venus Position. The Saturn Return Card (the Card that is sitting in his original Natal Saturn Position) was the Ace of Spades, one of the 3 Death Cards in the System.

The 28 Day Lunar Chart on Plate 88 is quite revealing and as mentioned his Birth Card (3 of Clubs) is sitting in the same position as the Direct Card in his 28 Year Chart. He was in his 4 Day Jupiter Period in this Chart and had the 10 of Clubs in this position, however, the Moon was in the Sign of Aquarius at the time bringing the Uranus Card in play (Uranus the ruling Planet of Aquarius), which was the 9 of Spades, another Death Card in the System. This Card was sitting in the Mars Column/Neptune Line – so we have the energy of Mars and the illusion/foggy flying conditions of Neptune, combined with the explosive/accident influence of Uranus all at play. The 9 of Spades was displacing the 2 of Spades/6 of Spades, forming a Mystic Reception to the 6 of Spades in the Chart, another Death Card and in Venus, which rules love and family – his daughter dying along with him in the crash.

His 7 Day Weekly Chart shows an interesting phenomenon in timing. Kobe Bryant always started his 23rd Week in each Year on January 25th, that being his Mercury Day. The 26th would then be his Venus Day for that Week. The interesting phenomenon is that just like our Years start on our Birthdays and not January 1st (unless your Birthday is January 1st) our days actually start at the time of day we were born and not at Midnight as one would think. Kobe was born at approximately 5:00 PM, well after the time of day of the crash (just before 10 AM that morning.) This would keep his Mercury Card in play which was the Ace of Spades, the third Death Card in the System. His Birth Card was also displacing the Ace of Spades forming a Mystic Reception between the Ace of Spades and his Birth Card. Mystic Receptions enhance/strengthen the influence of a Card and many times are triggers for significant events in our live to happen.

It was a number 26/8 Day, so the Saturn Card would be triggered (8 is the Number of Saturn.) In this position is the 7 of Hearts possibly signifying challenges or obstacles with people around him. More importantly, it is sitting in the same position as the 9 of Spades in the Lunar Chart, so it is drawing on that 9 of Spades energy, as well. Both the Ace of Spades and 7 of Hearts are displacing the 2 of Spades tying them together by a Mystic Reception. The 7 of Hearts is also displacing the 6 of Spades, linking it to the 8 of Hearts in the Pluto position in Kobe’s Weekly Chart. Pluto is the Planet of death and rebirth, a powerful influence of transformation and the position in the Plate, the Uranus Column/Neptune Line is known as the T Box, short for the Transformation Box, a very powerful position. It also forms a Mystic Conjunction to the 8 of Hearts in the 28 Year Chart – incredible how it is all tied together and connected.

As we can see by the Card System, the influences were there for Kobe Bryant’s passing and it illustrates the timing and influences in our lives for events to happen. The question is, with this information available to us, can we avert an experience or event from happening, or does Destiny find its way, no matter what? RIP Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna.

A special thank you to my colleague Todd Person for his contributions to this article.

Thomas Morrell is the author of The God Clock, a new look at the passage of Time, a fascinating new book on Time revealing its structure, the fabric its made of and its connection to ancient calendars and structures. He is also the author of several books on The Ancient Book of Time, which is a very old symbolic astrology system based on the mathematics and symbols behind the ordinary deck of cards. He has made numerous discoveries regarding this System, not known of in modern times. You can find his books on Amazon and look for instructional videos and lectures coming this year. Learn the most advanced, detailed techniques in the Card System anywhere today

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