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"Time is a Circle and Spirit is the Diameter of Time"

--Thomas Morrell

A remarkable new book from author Thomas Morrell


The Ancient Book of Time is a very old mathematical Symbolic method of Astronomical Calculation of Ancient Masonic and/or Mayan origin. It's workings are illustrated within Chapter 4 of The God Clock. In the last 20 years, Thomas Morrell has made some incredible discoveries regarding this System, bringing it to a level of understanding and accuracy not known of in modern times. To learn more about this incredible system and books available on it, visit The Ancient Book of Time page.


Did you know time is unfolding in 4 different ways within this moment right now? The Ancients knew exactly how time unfolded as revealed in their calendars, structures and symbols? The Masonic Symbol is actually the mathematical foundation of time? The real Mayan Calendar and what it says about where we are now, in time.? The angle of the Great Pyramid calculates out to an exact 24 hour day? The Aztecs had a system of 52 reeds that were used for astronomical calculation and that our regular deck of playing cards is exactly that, a precise, symbolic, astronomical calculator? Native Americans have always known these simple, yet profound truths, that we are just now finding out? And all this unfolding exactly as it should, in the mechanism know as "The God Clock"? This is just a glimpse of the profound information within this book.

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