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Melania Trump has Surgery

Melania Trump’s Surgery by Thomas Morrell ©2018

On May 14th, Melania Trump underwent a surgical procedure for a kidney condition at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. In this case, we are just going to look at the Weekly Chart as it was spot on (as usual.)

Melania Trump just had a birthday and turned 48 years old on April 26th. This date is represented by the 8 of Clubs which is one of the Fixed Cards (one of the 3 Cards that never move in all 90 of the Quadrations.) This can give one who is this Card a very stubborn, or fixed quality about them. Being an 8, the Number of Saturn, one would feel quite comfortable under the Sign of Taurus overall, as both are ruled the Element of Earth. However, being born on a 26 Day, she might have much difficulty in partnerships and marriage. Any business dealings should be done on her own (no partners) and it is becoming more obvious, she is not very happy in her marriage and usually there are some tough lessons to learn in this area with those having this Compound Number.

On May 14th (day of the surgery) it was her Saturn Day on Plate 68 and had the 5 of Spades in this position. This can indicate a serious health condition, where a change is taking place, or is warranted. It was displacing the 8 of Spades, the power health Card and also in Reception to her Mars Card for the Week, Mars ruling surgery. It was a 14/5 day ruled by Mercury and in that position is the 9 of Spades, representing a loss, or ending to a health condition. She may actually have decided on that day for the procedure to take place, or it became more of a serious concern at that time.

In the her Yearly Chart (Plate 48) she was in her 52 Day Mercury Period, but with the Sun in Taurus, her Venus Card would come in play, as well. She had the Queen of Hearts in this position, with the 9 of Spades in the Vertical position. The Queen of Hearts was the Vertical Venus Card in the Weekly Chart displacing the Ace of Spades. As my Card Colleague Tracy Diamond believes, under this influence she maybe getting some cosmetic surgery done, as well. Hopefully, the surgery went well and she will experience a full and healthy recovery.

As we can see by this amazing System, The Ancient Book of Time, there are many influences present in our lives. At times they line up in different ways, be it through symbols, numbers and planets and significant events will transpire. It also shows that we are connected to not only people, but to places and to Time itself, all within the mechanism known as The God Clock.

Thomas Morrell is the author of The God Clock, a new look at the passage of Time, a fascinating new book on Time revealing its structure, the fabric its made of and its connection to ancient calendars and structures. He is also the author of several books on The Ancient Book of Time, which is a very old symbolic astrology system based on the mathematics and symbols behind the ordinary deck of cards. He has made numerous discoveries regarding this System, not known of in modern times. You can find his books on Amazon and look for instructional videos and lectures coming this year through The God Clock University, where you will be able to learn about Time, Numbers and the most advanced, detailed techniques in the Card System anywhere today

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