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Update on the Austin Bombings

Update on the Austin Bombings by Thomas Morrell ©2018

As we saw in the 28 Day Lunar Chart for the City of Austin, Texas, the Cards, or Symbols present during the recent bombings and how they were reflected within it. The 7 Day Weekly Chart is a Seasonal of the 28 Day Lunar and we will experience 4 of them during a 28 Day Lunar Cycle.

The Lunar Chart at the time of the bombings was on Plate 66 which started on 2/22 and ran through 3/21. The first Weekly Chart during this time would start on 2/22 also, the second on 3/1, the third on 3/8 and the fourth on 3/15. While the first bombing occurred on 3/2, all the rest (6 total) occurred during the last 2 Weekly Charts.

A theme, or Card present in many of the Charts was the King of Clubs, it was the Mars Card in Austin’s 28 Day Lunar Chart (see article here) - Mars ruling violence. I originally thought the bomber might be older as a King Card was present and that the bombings had a “Una-bomber*” feel to them, Mark Conditt, was only 23, but the King of Clubs falls in the Uranus Column/Uranus Line in the Life Plate, Uranus Ruling explosions. Mark Conditt was born on June, 16th and was an Ace of Diamonds and there will be an article coming on him, but looking at his 28 Day Lunar Chart at the time of the bombings, he had the 4 of Hearts (the Sun/Birth Card of Austin) as his Mars Card. Looking back at Austin’s 28 Day Lunar Chart, it had the Ace of Diamonds (Conditt) as its Moon Card, the Moon ruling all matters of a common or public nature and it fell in the Mars Line, denoting violence, terrorist attacks, etc. and in the Jupiter Line, representing more than 1 and possible religious issues.

On March 21st, while being zeroed in on by the Police, Mark Conditt detonated a bomb within his car killing himself. This was the last day of Austin’s 28 Day Lunar Cycle in which the bombings occurred and also the last day of the 4th Seasonal 7 Day Weekly Cycle within that. This Weekly Cycle was on Plate 87 and going to the Neptune Card, Austin’s last day of that week is the King of Clubs, a card that has been prevalent in many Charts during the bombings. The Vertical Card is the 9 of Spades, one of the Death Cards in the System, it was Displacing the King of Clubs. Another interesting point is that the King of Clubs was Displacing the 2 of Diamonds, both the Card of that day (March 21st is the 2 of Diamonds) and it is the Inner Soul Card for Mark Conditt. Within Time in The God Clock, March 21st was in a 4 Day Uranus Period and a Mars Day – explosions/violence.

As this illustrates, even with unfortunate events such as this, we are connected – with people, places and even in Time. It reveals the intricate web, or matrix in which we live and experience this fascinating journey called Life.

* The Una-Bomber was Ted Kaczynski, a domestic terroist, whose bombing campaign lasted from 1978 to 1995.

Thomas Morrell is the author of The God Clock, a new look at the passage of Time, a fascinating new book on Time revealing its structure, the fabric its made of and its connection to ancient calendars and structures. He is also the author of several books on The Ancient Book of Time, which is a very old symbolic astrology system based on the mathematics and symbols behind the ordinary deck of cards. He has made numerous discoveries regarding this System, not known of in modern times. You can find his books on Amazon and look for instructional videos and lectures coming this year through The God Clock University, where you will be able to learn about Time, Numbers and the most advanced, detailed techniques in the Card System anywhere today.

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