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New Moons in the Card System Donald Trump 3/17/2018

New Moons in the Card System Donald Trump 3/17/2018 by Thomas Morrell ©2018

During the course of every year we experience New and Full Moons. In Astrology, where they fall in our Charts and how they are aspected can tell us how they will be effecting us. New and Full Moons also have an influence upon the Card System, but only in The Ancient Book of Time Version, as it is the only one with a 28 Day Lunar Cycle. The position in which these fall in the Chart will illuminate the Card, or Symbol in that position, with the events and/or experiences.

New Moons signify beginnings, starting new projects, a fresh start, etc. Let’s take a look at Donald Trump’s 28 Day Lunar Chart during the March 17th New Moon to see it in action.

Donald Trump was born on June 14th, 1946 which makes him a 3 of Diamonds, both his Sign (Gemini) and Number (5) are ruled by the Planet Mercury making both his Planetary Cards the Ace of Spades. The New Moon on March 17th falls at 27̊ Pisces and is the Sign ruled by Neptune. Trump was in his 10th 28 Day Lunar Cycle at age 71 that started on February 22 and runs through March 21st and falls on Plate 32.

Looking at this Chart/Plate we can see he has the Ace of Spades in Neptune, the Card most effected by the New Moon in Pisces. This can indicate a new direction in his life and work, he has certainly been clearing house with his cabinet in order for this to happen. He is also a double Ace of Spades by his Sign and Number and this could embolden him in his role as a leader and seeking attention as Aces are ruled by the Sun.

The Ace of Spades is also known as the Card of hidden secrets as it falls in the Neptune Column/Mercury Line in the Life, or Natal Plate. In Plate 32 this Card is Displacing the Queen of Clubs, which may point to a woman and/or women that he has secrets with. The Stormy Daniels issue is looming at present and it just came out there other women with disclosure agreements with Trump, as well. While these did not come out after the New Moon trigger, they did surface as the Moon went into the Sign of Pisces, during his 4 Day Uranus Period 2 of Hearts in that position – relationships, also triggering the Neptune Card in the Chart.

The Ace of Spades was also had a Mystic Reception with the his Moon Card in the Chart and the 5 of Hearts was in that position. This can signify a change of heart, or a change in relationship, with one or more people. Being tied into and Displacing the Ace of Spades, it could very well be these changes are due to secrets, or something wanting to be kept secret.

With the New Moon in Pisces, any Number 7 Cards would come in play, as 7 is the Number of Neptune. Trump has the 7 of Hearts in Saturn which indicates many obstacles and challenges (7) with people (Hearts) and they can be quite difficult (Saturn.) 7/Neptune also dissolves things, letting go and in this case people. Many people he is having difficulty with he has fired, or they are resigning.

Trump’s Card (3 of Diamonds) for this Lunar Cycle is sitting in what’s known as the powerful Transformation Box, Displacing both the 6 of Spades and 9 of Spades, two of the traditional Death Cards in the System. This is usually a heavy position to be in and one experiences many difficult situations and experiences with it.

Couple of other things worth mentioning, Trump’s Sun Return Card was the Queen of Hearts, representing the environment around him during that month, signifying a woman, or women in his life – it can also represent things of a sexual nature. It was his Mayan Challenge Card for this Cycle, a test for him to experience. His Mercury Card was the Ace of Diamonds and it was Displacing the Queen of Hearts, showing a possible communication (the non-disclosure agreement) and financial aspect to it, by the Mercury position and the Ace being in the Diamond suit. The Full Moon earlier in the Month was at 11̊ Virgo triggering the Mercury Card (Virgo is ruled by the Planet Mercury.) Again triggering financial matters relating to a woman/women, but could also represent his action on the trade deficit and the new tariffs on aluminum and steel.

As we can see, the influence of a New Moon (not only in Astrology) in the Card System can be both powerful and very insightful as to its influence and how it is reflected in our lives.

This illustrates more incredible information and techniques that is only ascertained in The Ancient Book of Time System of the Cards, look for instructional videos/classes available in 2018 through The God Clock University.

Thomas Morrell is the author of The God Clock, a new look at the passage of Time, a fascinating new book on Time revealing its structure, the fabric its made of and its connection to ancient calendars and structures. He is also the author of several books on The Ancient Book of Time, which is a very old symbolic astrology system based on the mathematics and symbols behind the ordinary deck of cards. He has made numerous discoveries regarding this System, not known of in modern times. You can find his books on Amazon and look for instructional videos and lectures coming this year through The God Clock University, where you will be able to learn about Time, Numbers and the most advanced, detailed techniques in the Card System anywhere today

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