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The Death of Stephen Hawking

The Death of Stephen Hawking by Thomas Morrell ©2018

On March 14th of 2018 theoretical physicist, cosmologist Stephen Hawking passed away peacefully at his home in Cambridge, United Kingdom at the age of 76. Even with his physical limitations, he had an amazing mind and contributed greatly to our understanding of the universe, the cosmos and beyond.

He was born on January 8th, 1942, the 300th year anniversary of Galileo's death and died on March 14th, the birthday of Albert Einstein – March 14th is also considered Pi day (3.14.) The Card, or Symbol for this day is the 6 of Spades, Venus in Water and one of the traditional Death Cards in the System, but also on a higher level, seeking truth in one’s work. Being responsible for one’s health is also a theme of those who are this card. Being a Capricorn – and – born on a Number 8 Day, he would also be a double 3 of Hearts, his Natal Saturn Card (both sign and number being ruled by Saturn.) While many under the influence like to be performers (Elvis was born on the same day) the 3 of Hearts (expansion (3/Jupiter) of creative desire (Hearts/Fire) falls in the Mercury Column/Mercury Row, which would also point to information, knowledge and communication, Mercury Ruled areas. Let’s take a look at the influences present when he passed on.

At the time of his death he was 76 years of age which would be on Plate 76 for his Yearly Chart, was in his 52 Day Venus Period at that time and had the Ace of Hearts in that position. The Ace of Hearts doesn’t really show a death, but may reveal a possible heart related issue present and in Venus (a benefic influence) that his death was an easy one. Through using more advanced techniques we can see other Cards in play at the time, both by reception and external astrological influences. He had the 7 of Spades in Neptune in this Chart which represents health challenges and it was displacing the Ace of Hearts forming a Mystic Reception to the Ace of Hearts in Venus. 7 is also the Number of Neptune and with the Sun being in the Sign of Pisces, it would strengthen the influence of this card, as well. These influences would be in play for 52 days and when the Sun was in Pisces – so – why did he die not just during this time, but on that specific day? Let’s look to the smaller Charts to find the trigger.

The Trigger was in the Weekly Chart (with influences to the day) but before we get to that we can also see what was going on in the 91 Day Seasonal* and 28 Day Lunar Chart*. In the 91 Day Seasonal (Plate 34) and 28 Day Lunar (Plate 90) he had the 8 of Diamonds in play. This Card sits at the top of the Crown Line and one usually receives much attention and recognition in this position, which he has been receiving for his knowledge and contributions to science and humanity.

Now we get to the 7 Day Weekly Chart. Hawkings had progressed to his 10th Week, which started on 3/12 and would be on Plate 1. At first we can see that his Card (6 of Spades) is displacing the 9 of Spades, his Inner Soul Card and one of the traditional Death Cards in the System. He died in the early hours on his Mars Day (3/14), so the day before, the 13th it was his Venus Day and had the 9 of Spades in that position. He was obviously going down hill fast on that day and magnified by being in his 52 Day Venus Period in his Yearly Chart. The trigger then, was he had the 7 of Spades as the Direct Card in Mars for that day, tying it into the 7 of Spades (health challenges) by Mystic Conjunction in the Yearly Chart. But there is another trigger** that is quite remarkable and shown for the first time here; he died on a Number 5 Day (ruled by Mercury) and it was his Mars Day in his Weekly Chart. If we look at Plate 1 from where Hawking’s Weekly Chart is drawn, his Venus through Pluto Cards fall in the Mars Line and his Venus Card falls in the Mercury Column. The Card in this position, triggered by the Number of the Day (5/Mercury) and Day by Planetary Sequence (Mars) is the 9 of Spades, again one of the traditional Death Cards in the System and strengthened with his Birth/Sun Card Displacing it. Amazing how events wait until the right time to take place in our lives and the story that is woven in Time and the Card System to tell it. (The green circles in the Plate show the Planetary Row and Column)

A couple of other interesting and amazing things related Stephen Hawkings death. He also had the Ace of Spades in Saturn in his Yearly Chart which is the 3rd Death Card in the System. He was diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gerhig’s Disease, a rare motor neuron disease at age 21. Looking at the Yearly Chart for age 21 he had the 9 of Spades in Saturn, representing a difficult loss and/or disappointment regarding one’s health.

The fact that Stephen Hawkings was born on the 300th year anniversary of Galileo’s death and died on Pi day, Einstein’s birthday is pretty remarkable in itself, but there is more. The Numbers 13, 7, 4 and 1 are the first 4 numbers of the Telios Proportions (the perfect proportions) of which Time and the Card System are based. 1 Cycle with 4 Seasons, divided by Spirit (7) with 13 Parts (think 13 Lunar Cycles in each Year.) He died at age 76 which reduces to 13/4, the 91 Day Seasonal Chart was on Plate 34 which reduces to 7 and the Weekly Chart was on Plate 1 – 13/7/4/1 – the perfect proportions! The Lunar Chart was on Plate 90 which is both the beginning and the end. Our first year of life (0 - 1) starts on Plate 90 and when we hit Plate 90 in the various Progressions, we start over on Plate 1. Quite remarkable and one has to wonder if he is trying to tell us more on some level.

This is just more proof of Plate Numbers and their influence. When Mark McGwire broke/set the home run record back in 1998 all the Plate Numbers in the various Charts in effect at the time all reduced to the Number 8, the Number of Saturn – and this would not happen in any other version of the Card System, only in The Ancient Book of Time.

Another remarkable aspect is noticing the starting dates of his 7 Planetary Periods each Year, 6 of the 7 are again, Telios Proportional Numbers – 3/1 (1), 4/22 (22/4), 6/13 (13/4), 8/4 (4), 9/25 (25/7) and 11/16 (16/7), with the Number of the day he was born an 8, the Number of Saturn which in the planet that is given the governance of Time. In Chaldean Numerology his Name calculates out to a 13/4 and in Time in the God Clock he was born in a Uranus Year – Uranus ruling scientific break-throughs and discoveries. Where you are born in Time within The God Clock, may point to differences between people born on the same day, but different years and give us more insight into the role we are here to play.

So much more to learn and explore.....

*The 91 Day Seasonal, 28 Day Lunar and True 7 Day Weekly Charts are discoveries by Thomas Morrell revealed in his book “Planetary Progressions in the Mystic Quadrates” and unique the The Ancient Book of Time version of the Card System.

** this new trigger has been researched for quite some time and shows even more detail as to the influence of the planetary rows and columns, in regards to their role in the timing and delineating events in our lives.

Thomas Morrell is the author of “The God Clock, a new look at the passage of Time” a fascinating new book on Time revealing its structure, the fabric its made of and its connection to ancient calendars and structures. He is also the author of several books on The Ancient Book of Time, which is a very old symbolic astrology system based on the mathematics and symbols behind the ordinary deck of cards. He has made numerous discoveries regarding this System, not known of in modern times. You can find his books on Amazon and look for instructional videos and lectures coming this year through The God Clock University, where you will be able to learn about Time, Numbers and the most advanced, detailed techniques in the Card System anywhere today

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