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The John F Kennedy Jr Crash

This was originally posted in 1999 and for some reason, it did not make the jump when switching blog addresses. I have some very dedicated followers of my work in the Cards and they have repeatedly requested I re-post the article and finally found it on some old back up CD’s. It is an amazing delineation of an event that was a big break through using the System since I discovered the real progressions in it. I may revisit this later, with even more secrets being revealed since that time. Enjoy!

Triggers, Receptions and John F. Kennedy Jr.

By Thomas Morrell

With the recent plane crash of John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren, many are curious as to the influences present during this tragic event. Using the Ancient Card/Astrology System in the way it has been used in the last 50 years, we can simply look at what Cards were present under the specific planetary periods, during the Yearly and 7-year charts, at the time of the accident. However, many times, this doesn't explain the whole picture and gives us a very generalized overview.

This has been one of the biggest problems of this ancient system and is one of the major reasons it has not been taken seriously, or recognized by others. Lately, the Astrology/Card System has been hailed as a deep esoteric system, or as a powerful spiritual tool. While both of these claims are true, it is through the accurate reflection of everyday events, by detail and timing within the System, that will show its true power and magnificence. Detail and accurate predictions is what will bring it the respect and recognition it truly deserves. Unprovable, esoteric mumbo jumbo will not cut the cake, nor will the recent comment, "anyone trying to make predictions with this system will fail."

Looking at thousands of Card Charts for specific events, certain configurations have been revealing themselves, which I refer to as "triggers". They are called triggers, as they do exactly that, they trigger, or set off an event. The first of these is what I call a Mystic Conjunction; this happens when two or more influences line up at the same time. (For more information on these, see the article in regards to them on my Current Event Page.) Recently, a new type of trigger has been coming to light, which I call a Mystic Reception. There are 3 of these as of now: the regular Mystic Reception, a Return Reception and a Linked Reception. (There will be a detailed article on these later.) They are similar to, but not exactly like a Mutual Reception in Astrology, where two planets are in each other's ruling signs. As an example, Venus would be in Aries and Mars would be in Libra.

In the Astrology/Card System, this happens when a Card, in most cases the Birth Card, falls in a specific box and within that box are the original Life and Spirit position cards. Then, later in the chart, one of those Cards is one of the Direct Planetary Cards. Also known as links, they are really more of a receptive influence and a true link is shown in the JFK Jr. Card Chart.

Looking at JFK Jr's Card Chart for his 38th year, he was in his 52-day Saturn period which started on 6/22/99. In this position was the 3 of Hearts indicating a magnification of a relationship issue or expansion in love. The Vertical Card was the Queen of Hearts, one of the traditional Marriage Cards and he was going to attend his cousins wedding. Being in his Saturn Period, there may be some difficulties or burdens at this time and the 3 of Hearts was his Natal Neptune Card. Neptune rules the water, the sea and not seeing things clearly, as well.

All this information is accurate and true, but where is the death indicated? His Birth Card, the 8 of Hearts (the card of the charmer), was in the Mars/Neptune position, which is the original Life Plate position of the 2 of Spades. His Pluto Card for the year was the 2 of Spades, which would be a Mystic Reception. Even though Pluto is the planet of death and transformation, it is an overall influence and not one of the 7 timing planetary periods, (Mercury through Neptune). So, where is the timing or trigger?

The 2 of Spades in Pluto (in Plate 38), sits in the original Life Plate position of the 3 of Hearts. When the 3 of Hearts in Saturn came into affect, it created a Linked Reception, by timing, between the 8 of Hearts and the 2 of Spades in Pluto. This gives us a much greater picture, especially in the timing aspect of the Yearly Chart, but there are also smaller Charts and triggers to look at.

In his 3rd Seasonal Card Chart for his 38th year, his Phoenix or Result Card, for that time was the 9 of Spades, one of the traditional Death Cards. He was in his 13-day Jupiter period (travel) then and had the Queen of Spades there, most likely representing a woman. The Queen of Spades fell in the Venus/Mars position, which the original Life and Spirit positions are the King of Diamonds and the 3 of Clubs. Keep these cards in mind as they may show other triggers in other charts.

Watching Star Trek years ago, I remember the multi-level chess game they played. I have been noticing this in the Cards, as you will see by different Cards occupying the same position in different plates. JFK Jr was in his 9th Lunar period in his 38th year; he was in his 4-day Mars Period and had the 7 of Diamonds in this position. This is a Semi-Fixed Card and directly relates to its counter part, the 9 of Hearts, an ending in love. Also worth noting is the Mars Return Card, the 5 of Spades, (the card of travel). The Phoenix, or Result Card for the month was the King of Diamonds, however, it has a Mystic Reception with the 9 of Spades in the Mayan Challenge position, as the 9 of Spades is sitting in the original Life Plate position (Venus/Mars) held by the King of Diamonds. This indicates an ending or death that would also be involved with the result. Remember, the Queen of Spades (Jupiter Card) was sitting in the same position in Plate # 64, that was used to derive the Seasonal Chart.

He was in his 34th week of his 38th year, and he was in a Venus day. In this position he had the 3 of Clubs. Again this was original Spirit Card in the Venus/Mars position, where the Queen of Spades was sitting in the Seasonal Chart and was also the position of the 9 of Spades in the Lunar Chart. This was also the Composite Sun Card between him and his wife. Also, in his Weekly Chart for that 7-day period, he had the 9 of Clubs in Uranus, indicating an unexpected disappointment or ending. His Return Jupiter and Return Saturn Cards were respectively the 9 of Spades and Ace of Spades , both known as traditional Death Cards in this System.

Looking at these finer details will give us much more information as to not only what happened, but when. It may seem a little complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is actually quite easy to do. This is also how this system will be finally taken seriously and aid us in making timely, accurate predictions. By the way, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was in her 52-day Jupiter Period during the accident and had the 6 of Clubs in that position. Her card was sitting in the original 6 of Clubs spiritual position, which would be a Mystic Reception, (timing trigger) and the 6 of Clubs is also the Birthcard of Rory Kennedy, the cousin of John's who was to be married the next day.

copyright 1999 by Thomas Morrell

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