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Irma hits Florida

Florida and Hurricane Irma by Thomas Morrell ©2017

Hurricane Irma has been going on for 8 days, already taking a destructive path through the Carribean. On September 10th it made land fall on Florida rated as a Category 4 Hurricane with high winds.

As mentioned in previous articles with a technique I discovered and developed years ago, we are now able to accurately calculate the Symbolic Value, or Card for a Name. Taking it further, we can also determine the Planetary Ruling Card for a Name, as well. The Name Irma calculates out to a 2 of Clubs, this is known as the Fear Card as 2 is the Number of the Moon, which rules our subconscious fears and in the Suit of Clubs/Air, our mind. Interesting that the Name Irma is ruled by the Moon which governs the tides and she hit near a Full Moon which, as history has shown, intensifies the effect of a Hurricane. Since the Name Irma adds to an 8, the Number of Saturn, the 2 of Spades is its Planetary Ruling Card, its Natal Saturn Card. As a 2 it is also ruled by the Moon – and – in the Suit of Spades which represents the Element of Water.

Florida’s birth date is March 3rd, 1845, this makes it a 7 of Spades (Neptune in Water) and is 172 years old. In the Progression Tables available in the Planetary Progressions book and the Professional set of 90 Plates book, Age 172 has progressed to Plate 82 for the Year and was in its 52 Day Jupiter Period. Florida has the Queen of Spades in this position sitting in the Neptune/Neptune position. The Queen of Spades is a Card of Service, of which Floridians are receiving help, but could also represent Irma, as Irma is a woman’s name (Court Cards usually represent people, or in this case a hurricane with the name of a person.) The Jupiter Period can magnify an event, experience, or entity and in the double Neptune (water) position, which is pretty obvious here. The 7 of Spades (Florida) just happens to be displacing the 2 of Spades, the Planetary Ruling Card of Irma – and – just as Houston w/Harvey, in the Neptune Line, Neptune being the God of the Seas!

As mentioned before, when one really wants to know what is going on, look to the 28 Day Lunar Chart. This is one of the 5 new progressions discovered in the System based on a mathematical code founded on the natural cycles and seasons of those cycles we experience here on Earth. Florida was in its 7th 28 Day Cycle for age 172, which started on August 18 and had progressed to Plate 82, the same as the Yearly Chart! This creates not only Mystic Conjunctions and Receptions with Cards and Planetary positions, but with entire Charts, as well. It was in its last day of its 4 Day Uranus Period and had the 6 of Clubs in that position. The 6 of Clubs represents making many adjustments and compromises with plans and ideas, of which Florida is/was doing. It is in the center of the Crown Line, so it is receiving much attention. The Moon was in Taurus at the time activating the Venus Card (the Planet Venus is the ruler of Taurus) which is the Ace of Spades, a powerful card of transformation, also known as one of the Death Cards in the System. The Ace of Spades is also the Inner Soul Card to Irma and it was displacing the 6 of Clubs, forming a Mystic Reception to the 6 of Clubs in Uranus.

Another interesting point is the Solar Eclipse hit the 6 of Clubs in Florida’s Yearly Chart and the 2 of Spades in the Natal Card Chart, the Planetary Ruling Card of Irma. At the time of the Eclipse, Florida had already progressed to Plate 82 in its 28 Day Lunar Cycles, but not until the 4 Day Uranus Period with the 6 of Clubs in that position was the influence set up by it triggered – amazing!

While a very powerful hurricane, Florida is much better prepared for this than Houston/Texas. With the lack of placements in Saturn and Number 6 Cards at play, looks like more adjustments being made by Florida and its people, not terrible devastation as was the case in the Carribean and with Harvey and Houston – just a lot of wind and water, but still significant.

Other Hurricane Highlights:

Irma as a 2 of Clubs, the Suit of Clubs represents the Element of Air, which rules wind. Irma has set records for sustaining winds of 185 miles an hour for 37 hours.

Puerto Rico had the 6 of Spades in Mercury as Irma hit with the 9 of Spades in Saturn in two of the sub-year charts. These are two of the three Death Cards in the System, which usually cause problems and difficulties.

The United States (July 4th, 1776 -Jack of Diamonds) is 241 years old and on Plate 61 for this Year. It is displacing the Ace of Hearts the Card of the Name Harvey, has the 7 of Spades (Florida) as its Saturn (difficulties) Card and the Solar Eclipse triggered the 7 of Diamonds, the card of financial challenges (money going for relief/rebuilding and raising the debt ceiling), in Uranus ruling the unexpected and natural disasters/upheaval.

Being a Cancer, the Queen of Hearts is the Planetary Sign Card of the United States. Florida’s Jupiter Card for the Year is displacing the Queen of Hearts and it is also the Synastry Card, or the Card right behind Florida – getting help and support from the United States. The 7 of Spades (Florida) is also its Uranus (unexpected/upheavals) Return Card for both its Year and current 28 Day Lunar Cycle, representing the environment it is in – obstacles and challenges.

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