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  • © 2017 by Thomas Morrell

Houston and Hurricane Harvey

Houston and Hurricane Harvey by Thomas Morrell ©2017

On August 26th, torrential rains from Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas causing catastrophic flooding. As of 9:30 AM on Sunday, 17 inches of rain had fallen with more expected. Lets take a look at the Cards to see what was going on at the time.

The City of Houston was incorporated on June 5, 1837, this makes it a Queen of Diamonds and 180 years old. Using a technique discovered back in the 1990's, we can calculate the Symbolic Value of the name Harvey to see what Card it is – which in this case reduces to a value of 1, the Solar Value of the Ace of Hearts. As you will see, the Name Card technique has proven to be both accurate and useful.

In the 28 Year Saturn Chart, Houston just entered its 4 Year Jupiter Period on Plate 6 where the Queen of Diamonds (along with the first 5 timing Cards) fall in the Neptune Line, Neptune being the God of the Seas. In this position was the Ace of Diamonds, the Inner Soul Card of the Ace of Hearts, the Card for the name Harvey. It is sitting in the Transformation Box, a very powerful position that usually brings with it significant endings, along with difficult adjustments and compromises. The Ace of Diamonds is displacing the 6 of Spades forming a Mystic Reception to the Mercury Card, the Ace of Hearts, again the Card of the name Harvey. This is a 4 Year Planetary Period, it will take Houston a while to get back on its feet.

Houston was in its 26th 7 Year Cycle which is on Plate 25 and in its 1 Year Uranus Period, Uranus ruling the unexpected and breaking up of old structures. There are some significant placements/receptions within this Chart including 2 important ones. First, the Queen of Diamonds is displacing the Ace of Hearts (Harvey) and the Sun Return Card is the 7 of Clubs. The Card you are displacing, you take on the qualities of that Card, so Houston in some way, is taking on the qualities of Harvey. Second, the 7 of Clubs is the Card that represents obstacles and challenges to one’s ideas and plans and it is also the Planetary Ruling Card for the name Harvey. The Sun Return Card defines the environment in which things are taking place in, within the Chart. Return Cards are simply the Cards that have returned to the original Life Plate positions for that Card and is similar to a Return Chart in Astrology. The Planetary Ruling Card for a name is another Ancient Book of Time discovery.

Being 180 years old, its current Yearly Chart would be on Plate 90. It was in its 52 Day Venus Period at the time and had the 3 of Clubs in that placement. This Card can cause concern and worry, as is certainly the case, however, it was displacing the 5 of Diamonds forming a Mystic Reception to the 5 of Diamonds in Uranus. This can be a change, shift in worth, or values, but it was also sitting in the Saturn Line (burdens, difficulty) and the Neptune Column, Neptune ruling water. This Card was also triggered/set up by the Eclipse on August 21st. The Saturn Card (difficulties) for the Year was the 7 of Clubs, again the Planetary Ruling Card for the name, Harvey.

Both the 91 Day Seasonal (Plate 90) and 28 Day Lunar (Plate 2) Charts were in their respective 13 Day and 4 Day Neptune Periods, Neptune ruling water and again known as the God of the Seas. The Moon was in Libra at the time, triggering the Venus Card in the Lunar Chart and in that position – the Ace of Hearts, the Card of the name, Harvey. The Neptune Return Card in the Lunar was the 7 of Clubs, the Planetary Ruling Card for the name Harvey.

Houston was in its 12th Week of its 180th Year and was on Plate 11. It was its Uranus Day and had the 6 of Spades in this position. This is one of the traditional Death Cards in the System and represents serious adjustments and compromises to be made. It was also displacing the Queen of Diamonds forming a Mystic Reception to the Queen of Diamonds Sun Card, intensifying the experience/event. It was a Saturn Day by Number and had the 5 of Diamonds in that position forming a Mystic Conjunction to the 5 of Diamonds in the Yearly Chart and a possible trigger set up by the recent Eclipse. The 9 of Spades was the Sun Return Card for the Week, the environment in which the events and experiences would take place. The 9 of Spades signifies loss, disappointment and possible death. Since both the 6 of Spades and 9 of Spades are the Cards that naturally sit in the Transformation Box, in their respective Life and Spirit Plate positions, this ties the Weekly Chart, by reception to the 4 Year Card position in the 28 Year Saturn Chart.

Not known of before is the 364 Year Cycle or Chart, which has 4 Seasonal Charts of 91 Years. Each 91 Year Seasonal Chart has 7 Planetary Periods of 13 Years. Houston was in its 13 Year Neptune Period is its 2nd 91 Year Season and had the 6 of Spades in that placement – amazing! For those of you that have been doing the Cards before, now you know the basis of the 91 Year Chart and that there are more than just one. This is just one of many enlightening discoveries used in The Ancient Book of Time System.

This is just another illustration of how The Ancient Book of Time works, it is like a big clock unfolding within Time itself, perfectly coinciding with the natural Planetary Cycles and Seasons we experience here on Earth, along with external influences such and the Sign, the Sun and Moon are in, as well as, the Eclipse we just had on August 21st. All of these are discoveries have been made by Thomas Morrell, including how to calculate the Card of the Name and its Planetary Ruling Card.

We wish Houston the best and hope resources get where they need to be to assist those who need it. May they have the power to rebuild, heal and for a speedy recovery.

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