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Eclipses in the Cards Part 2 The Solar Eclipse

Eclipses in the Cards Part 2 The Solar Eclipse (Trump’s Solar) by Thomas Morrell ©2017

In the last article we looked at a Lunar Eclipse and its influence upon the Cards. In this article we will look at the Solar Eclipse, its influence, as well as, looking at some important information not well known, even among those using the Card System.

A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon passes in front of the Sun casting its shadow upon the Earth. On August 21st, 2017 it had passed pass over the United States, the first time this has happened in nearly a century. An Eclipse many times will trigger an important moment, or influence that sets up a significant event to transpire later. In Astrology, one would look at where it falls in the Natal Chart to see its effects. In the Card System we can look at both the Natal Card Chart, along with the current Year/Solar Chart and various placements within that to see what might be triggered.

As an example, we will use the Natal and current Yearly/Solar Chart of Donald Trump (June 14th – 3 of Diamonds.) The Eclipse happened at 28 Degrees 52 Minutes in the Sign of Leo, the Sign that is ruled by the Sun. This creates a problem in other versions of the Cards, as there has never been a timing position, Planetary Period, or even a Ruler given to Leo related to the Sun – only the Birth Card. However, this was straightened out long ago in The Ancient Book of Time System, using the old Hebrew/Chaldean Number/Planet correlations. This is just one of many important discoveries that has been made regarding the Cards, in both its use and researching its true origins.

Since the Eclipse was in Leo we would look at Cards in the Uranus Positions as the Number 4 is the secondary Number of the Sun and is the Number of Uranus. In Trump’s Natal Card Chart, he has the 9 of Clubs in this position and this can indicate loss and disappointments in regards to one’s plans, ideas, etc. So he will experience more of this as it also hit with the Lunar Eclipse on August 7th. This can also be a mentally depressing influence.

It gets a little more interesting and detailed in his current Solar/Yearly Chart. Trump is 71 years old, so we would look at Plate 71 and his Uranus Card in this Chart is the 8 of Hearts. The 8 of Hearts can give one a lot of power (8) and charm with people (Hearts), John F. Kennedy Jr was an 8 of Hearts and Richard Gere is one, as well. However, on the negative side 8 of Hearts has a difficult time with people and in Uranus can be very unstable. All of Trump’s 7, Mercury through Neptune Planetary Timing Cards fall in the Saturn Line, bringing a seriousness and heaviness to his year and influences the 8 of Hearts in this manner, as well. The 8 of Hearts is displacing the 7 of Clubs which usually manifests as obstacles and challenges to one’s plans, even a sacrifice can be made. Trump’s Sun Return Card at age 71 for the Year is also the 7 of Clubs, representing the environment he is in, or what surrounds him, again obstacles, challenges and/or sacrifice.

Aces are ruled by the Sun and the Suit of Hearts represents the element of Fire. (The Heart Symbol is said to be the upside down flame of a candle and the light that first appeared in our world.) Since the Eclipse is in Sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun and a Fire Sign, any Aces and Cards of the Heart Suit will also be triggered. In Plate 71, Trump’s Birth Card (3 of Diamonds) is displacing the Ace of Diamonds. This Card represents a desire for worth, or shining in one’s worth. Those who are this Card are driven and many are in leadership positions. Trump would take on the qualities of this Card and the Eclipse in Leo will illuminate his role in it, for good or bad.

Besides the 8 of Hearts, there are two other Heart Cards in Trump’s 71 Year/Solar Chart. He also has the 4 of Hearts in Mars and the Queen of Hearts in the Moon position. 4, the Number of foundation and in Hearts, signifies family/friends, the home and marriage. In Mars this can indicate conflicts within his marriage, with friends and family, as well as, with legal matters. With the Eclipse triggering this Card, look for more legal troubles with his family and friends.

The Queen of Hearts in the Moon position can make him quite sensitive as in the Life Plate it falls in the Neptune/Neptune position. It is also the other Marriage Card in the System, so marriage dealings, or issues can become more important to him. It is displacing the 7 of Spades, which can represent obstacles and challenges with work and health. The Eclipse intensifies this influence, so look Trump to be lashing out more at his critics, and with possible challenges to his health and marriage. He was in his 52 Day Venus Period at the time of the Eclipse and had the Queen of Clubs in this position, a woman, (possibly Melania) and it was displacing the 5 of Hearts, one of the Divorce Cards in the System. At the very least, there will be a change in their relationship.

Jacks are also ruled by the Sun as they are an Exalted Ace and the Phoenix Card (the True Result Card of the Chart) for Trump’s 71st Year is the Jack of Diamonds, the Card of the United States. The Phoenix Card represents a completion, or something we end up with by the end of a cycle. It can also be something that has come to an end, so we take what we have learned, or gotten from it and move on.

As we can see by Trump’s Yearly/Solar Chart and the influence of the Solar Eclipse upon it, he is in store for more challenges, some brought on by his own quest for his worth and to be valued. More legal troubles ahead for friends and family and possible changes in his marriage and with the Jack of Diamonds as his Phoenix Card, will he still choose to be President by his next birthday?

The Ancient Book of Time is the most advanced version of the Cards in use today. As you can see, research into ancient knowledge and techniques have led to not only profound discoveries, understanding of how the System works and its use, but also a deeper look into its mysteries and real origins. It not only shows us our journey, but our important link with time and the connection to the world around us, even the heavens above. To start your journey learning this amazing System in its truest and most accurate form, you can purchase The Ancient Book of Time – Symbolic Destiny on Amazon (click here)

Be sure to check out Thomas Morrell’s incredible new book “The God Clock, a new look at the passage of time” (click here)

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