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Eclipses in the Cards (Trump's Lunar)

Eclipses in the Cards by Thomas Morrell ©2017

Part 1 The Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses happen when an astronomical body passes in front of another, or in its shadow, blocking or obscuring its view. Two important eclipses we experience are a Lunar and Solar. A Solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes in front of the Sun casting its shadow upon the Earth and a Lunar eclipse when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow.

In Astrology, many follow eclipses and their influence depending on their location/placement in various charts. The same can be done with the Card System, you just have to know where to look, as well as, knowing specific planetary rulers of Numbers, Cards and their association with specific Astrological Signs. The Ancient Book of Time System makes use of this and does it like no other Card System in the world, it is the REAL Science of the Cards.

On August 7th there was a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius, lets take a look at President Trump’s Cards to see how, where and what it does in the System. For a Lunar eclipse we would look at both where it hits in the Natal Card Chart, along with the current 28 Day Lunar Chart at the time. Since the Eclipse was in Aquarius, in Trump’s Natal Card Chart we would look at the Natal Uranus Card. In this position is the 9 of Clubs, the Card of loss and disappointment to ones ideas and plans.

On August 7th, Trump was in his 2nd 28 Day Lunar Cycle of his 71st Year and had progressed to Plate 24. He was in his last 4 Days of that Cycle (Neptune) but the Uranus Card was triggered by the Eclipse being in Aquarius. In this position was the 9 of Clubs, again loss, or disappointment with one’s plans, ideas and thinking – forming a Mystic Conjunction with the 9 of Clubs in the Natal Card Chart. Also in the Chart he had the 9 of Spades as the Moon Card, representing a loss or disappointment in ones work and/or health and may get quite emotional. The 9 of Spades was displacing the 9 of Clubs creating a Mystic Reception with the 9 of Clubs in Uranus triggered by the Eclipse. The Phoenix Card is the 13th Card in the Chart and the TRUE Result Card. In this position was the Jack of Diamonds, the Card of the United States and would represent a completion of some kind, that can be both good or bad. It was displacing the 9 of Spades, creating a Mystic Reception to the Moon Card of the Chart, which was in reception to the 9 of Clubs, the Uranus Card of the Chart, triggered by the Eclipse.

During this time the Health Care replacement/repeal effort failed, the Russian investigation was heating up, the North Korean situation, as well as, dealing with his own problems with his staff – a very powerful and disappointing time for Trump. On top of this, the 9 of Clubs was his Mercury Return Card for the 28 Day Cycle showing the environment in which communications, ideas and plans would take place in – loss and disappointment. 9 is also the Number of Mars which is the Planet of war and aggression, which is definitely Trumps attitude during this time. He also had the Queen of Hearts in Neptune (the 4 Day Planetary Period in effect) which is the Planetary Sign Card for the United States and was also being displaced by the 9 of Spades in the Moon position – incredible!

As we can see using President Trump as an example, Eclipses in the Cards can be very powerful depending on where it hits in specific charts. In his case, this time, it was not so fortunate. Other 3 of Diamonds with different birthdays and ages, would have different Charts that would be triggered. If you had progressed to Plate 4 or 49 for the Lunar during the eclipse, the Uranus Card for the 3 of Diamonds is the 10 of Clubs, bringing much success and accomplishment to one’s ideas and plans – could be in real estate, technology, or other Uranus ruled areas. Bill Cosby is another 3 of Diamonds and also does not have fortunate Cards in Uranus in his current 28 Day Lunar Chart.

Stayed tuned for Part 2 on the Solar Eclipse, which hits on August 21st.

Thomas Morrell is an author and developer of The Ancient Book of Time, the most advanced and detailed Astrological Card System in the world. His beginning book is now on Amazon – click here to order It is in this book where you will learn the true rulers of each card and their correct Zodiac associations, along with other information on the Cards not know of in modern times. You will also learn to easily read the Cards right off the Plates and be at a more advanced level much faster.

He is also the author of “The God Clock, a new look at the passage of time” revealing an incredible new theory on how time unfolds – click here to order

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