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John McCain's Surgery

John McCain’s Surgery by Thomas Morrell ©2017

On July 14th, Senator John McCain underwent surgery for a supposed blood clot above his left eye. The tissue from a tumor associated with the blood clot was tested and found to be cancerous. Let’s look at the cards to see what was going on at the time of the surgery.

John McCain was born on 8/29/1936 which makes him a 10 of Hearts. Number 10 Cards are ruled by both the Sun and Pluto. This gives them drive to succeed with power. In the Suit of Hearts (Fire) it can be in the arena with people, or groups of people involved. Negatively, people who are Number 10 Cards can be controlling.

Being 80 years old, his Yearly chart would be on Plate 80, he was in his 52 Day Neptune Period and had the 7 of Clubs in this position. This would indicate some anxiety and/or obstacles and challenges to his plans. While really not signifying the surgery, we will see in a bit how this connects directly to the Weekly Chart by Reception. Neptune can many times indicate medical influence, drugs, or hospitals.

We will briefly hit on the 91 Day Seasonal Chart. Senator McCain was in his 4th Season of his 80th Year and was on Plate 53. He was in his 13 Day Jupiter Period and had the 8 of Diamonds in that position. The 8 of Diamonds many times represents getting attention or recognition, which McCain was at this time and was displacing the 8 of Spades in the Spirit Plate. The Jupiter Return Card (the Card that is sitting in the original Jupiter position in someone’s Life Chart) was the Jack of Spades, the Card that many times represents a Doctor.

In his 28 Day Lunar Chart he was on Plate 61, within his 4 Day Mars Period in his 12th Month of his 80th Year. In this position was the 8 of Spades, the Card of Force and the Card of the Healer, forming a Mystic Reception to the 8 of Diamonds in the Seasonal Chart, not only for the influence, but a trigger in time, as well. Other interesting aspects of the Lunar Chart are – he was in his Mars Period and sitting in the Mars Column in Plate 61, Mars ruling surgery. He was also in the Mercury Line, which some believe is the Planetary Ruler of the Brain. In the Jupiter position was the 8 of Diamonds, just like in the Seasonal Chart, but in this Plate it is displacing the Ace of Spades, one of the traditional Death Cards in the System. The Ace of Spades is also the Sun Return Card for John McCain during this 28 Day Cycle. The Sun Return Card is the Card that has fallen in the Original Sun Card position in the Life Plate and defines the environment in which the person is experiencing during this time. It also ties it into the 8 of Diamonds by Reception – getting attention, or recognition. The Moon was in Pisces at the time, triggering the Neptune Card, which was the 2 of Clubs, forcing him to possibly face some fears regarding the surgery. It was displacing the Spirit Plate position of McCain’s Birth Card, not only making the influence significant, but might be affecting him on a deeper inner level. It is also the Outer Soul Card to the Ace of Spades.

Now to the Weekly 7 Day Chart. He was in his 45th Week of his current Year which had progressed to Plate 65. In this Plate McCain’s Birth Card was sitting in the Mars Line/Saturn Column, pointing to a serious (Saturn) surgery (Mars.) It was his Jupiter Day and had the 3 of Clubs in that position, which can cause concern and worry. It is also his Natal Neptune Card creating a Mystic Conjunction with it. Mystic Conjunctions can intensify, or magnify influences and also be triggers for the timing of events. It was a Number 5 Day (14th – 1+4=5) and 5 is the Number of Mercury. The Mercury Card for the Week was the 9 of Diamonds and while this may not be telling of the situation at face value, it was displacing the 7 of Clubs, the 52 Day Card in the Yearly Chart, tying the 2 Charts together, at the very least for timing. Mars rules surgery and besides his Birth Card sitting in the Mars Line, his Mars Card for the Week was the Ace of Spades, a traditional Death Card in the system and a powerful Card of transformation, also connecting it to the Lunar Chart. His Saturn Card of the Week was the 6 of Spades, another Death Card, but usually represents adjustments and compromises to be made regarding work and/or health. The 6 of Spades is also his Sun Return for the Week, indicating the environment in which this is happening and the seriousness of it.

On July 18th, John McCain had progressed to Plate 66 for his 46th Week of his 80th Year and it was on that day he found out the tissue tested from the surgery was indeed Cancer. The 18th was his Mercury Day (communication/information/news) for that week. 18 reduces to the Number 9, the Number of Mars (surgery) and he had the 6 of Diamonds in that position which represents adjustments, or compromises to be made regarding financial matters, but also things we value, or are of worth to us. It was also sitting in the Transformation Box, where the 6 of Spades and 9 of Spades fall in the Life and Spirit Plate positions and are both traditional Death Cards in the System. Interestingly, the Ace of Spades, the other Death Card in the System was displacing the 6 of Diamonds the week before.

John McCain has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer that some believe his exposure to Agent Orange in the Vietnam War had something to do with it. After being diagnosed with this form of cancer, many do not live very long and the time expectancy is around 14 months, but as shown earlier in his life, he is quite the fighter. In his Charts for his 81st Year there are windows for him to pass on and some just maybe endings with his career and other aspects of his life, until he finally does go on to his next journey.

Events like these beautifully illustrate the depth and profound aspects of The Ancient Book of Time System. While similar this is not the Magi System, it is an older, more precise System based on Mayan and Ancient Masonic timing, reflecting the natural cycles and seasons we experience here on Earth, delineated in its truer astrological and numeric structure and taking in account the external influences upon it, literally and perfectly woven into Time itself.

To start learning this amazing System click here.

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