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Travis Kalanick Steps Down as CEO of Uber

CEO Travis Kalanick Steps Down From Uber by Thomas Morrell ©2017

On June 20th, 2017, Travis Kalanick amid a supposed shareholder revolt over company mismanagement, stepped down as CEO.

Born on August 6 makes him a 7 of Diamonds, this is the Card of spiritual worth and values. Being born on a Number 6 Day, the Number of Venus known as the planet of love and money, this would allow him more easily to make money, as many 7 of Diamonds have challenges, or issues with it. His name (Travis Kalanick) calculates out to an 8 of Spades. This is like the super Capricorn Card and many with this influence are very hard workers.

In this article we will focus more on the Yearly Chart and the Lunar and Weekly. A couple things were going on in the Yearly and The Ancient Book of Time System shows a Sun Sign trigger that is important and sets up a Mystic Conjunction trigger to the day, along with a Mystic Reception to the Venus Card in the 28 Day Lunar Chart. The Lunar/Weekly Charts are actually tied together as the 7 Day Week is a Seasonal increment of the larger 28 Day Lunar Chart, “to everything there is a season” Many times people simply look at a Card in a position and delineate that, when actually if there is a Seasonal Chart below, there will be 4 Cards within that Planetary Period in the smaller Chart that tell a sub story of what is going on


Travis Kalanick was in his 52 Day Neptune Period on Plate 40 in his current Year (He is 40 years old.) In this position is the 3 of Diamonds – this can magnify financial issues, as well as, magnify his worth, as in is he worth being CEO of Uber? In Neptune he may have had some disillusionment in regards to the state of the company, what was happening, or how to run it. The Sun was still in Gemini at the time, activating the 6 of Diamonds. This is a Card of financial adjustment and can also indicate a decision made in regards to worth and money. It is in the Mercury position in the Chart, Mercury representing travel, transportation, basically what Uber is about. The 6 of Diamonds is also Displacing the 5 of Spades, which can indicate a change in one’s work and life.

He had progressed to his 12th 28 Day Lunar Cycle on Plate 81 and was in his 4 Day Mars Period. He had the King of Clubs in this position which many times indicates a manager, or someone in charge – his role as CEO, or possibly a lawyer/advisor.) In Mars there could be some conflict, or aggression towards him. Just as in the Yearly Chart and the Sun Sign Trigger, in the 28 Day Lunar Chart we have the Moon Sign Trigger. The Sign that the Moon is in will trigger the Card in the Lunar Chart in the planetary position governed by that Sign. The Moon was in Taurus when he stepped down, Venus is the Planet associated with Taurus and the Venus Card in the Chart is the 5 of Spades, representing a change in one’s work or life and forming a Mystic Reception to the 6 of Diamonds in the Yearly Chart, as it was Displacing the 5 of Spades.

His 7 Day Weekly Chart is quite interesting, he was in his 46th Week of the Year and had progressed to Plate 55. It was his Mars Day and had the 6 of Diamonds in that position tying it to both the 6 of Diamonds in the Yearly by Conjunction and the change (5 of Spades) in the Lunar by Reception and was obviously the trigger for the event. Since the Weekly Chart is a Seasonal increment of the 28 Day Lunar, lets look at the sub story going on during the 4 Day Mars Period. Remember Travis Kalanick had the King of Clubs in that position, representing his position as CEO and it started on the 19th and would run through the 22nd. In the Weekly Chart the 4 Day Cards during that time in order were the 6 of Spades (19th), 6 of Diamonds (20th/day of the event) 9 of Diamonds (21st) and the 9 of Spades (22nd and also displacing the 9 of Diamonds.) So during this 4 Day Period in reference to his position as CEO (or person influencing him), he first had two Number 6 Cards representing adjustments and compromises/weighing things out and making a decision (6) in regards to his work/life (Spades) and finances/worth (Diamonds). The two 9's following showing a loss, or disappointment related to money and finances (Diamonds) with the 9 Spades, indicating a loss (9) with work and life (Spades.)

Although Travis Kalanick has resigned from Uber, it may have actually been a blessing and he will go on into other ventures and do well.

Until the mathematical code was discovered years ago, that revealed 5 new progressions within the System, using these sub stories was not even possible, let alone some of the Charts themselves. It really illustrates beautifully, the saying that “to everything there is a season” and now in The Ancient Book of Time a detailed, accurate story to go with it.

The Sun and Moon Sign triggers, along with many other techniques originated with The Ancient Book of Time System, the most advance and accurate Symbolic Astrology Card System in the world.

To learn more about this remarkable System, click here

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