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The London Attack

The London Attack June 3, 2017 by Thomas Morrell ©2017

On Saturday evening 3 masked men in a van, plowed into pedestrians on a London Bridge and then going into the crowds with knives cutting and slashing people. 7 have died so far with 48 wounded, some critically. Lets take a look at the cards to see what was going on at the time of this horrible event.

Using January 1, 1801 as the birth date (Act of Union enacted on the day) it would make the United Kingdom the King of Spades, a powerful Card and the highest in the deck, it would be 216 years old and London is its capital.

In the 28 Year Chart, (progressed to Plate 7) it was in its 4 Year Uranus Period, which can create a very unsettling time. It had the 8 of Hearts in this position, many times representing groups of people. In the Mundane Uranus rules explosions, upheavals and lawlessness.

In the Yearly Chart it gets interesting. Since we progress through the 90 Plates, or Quadrations in the Cards for each Cycle and then start over on Plate 1 after Plate 90, for something 216 years old, the Yearly Chart would be on Plate 36. The UK was in its last days of its 52 day Mars Period and had the 6 of Spades in that position. Mars rules knives, which were used by the masked men and the 6 of Spades is one of the three traditional Death Cards in the System. The Sun was in Gemini, the Sign associated with the Planet Mercury, so the Mercury Card for the Year would also come into Play. Sitting here was the 9 of Spades, a card of loss, disappointment and another Death Card. One was displacing the 3 of Hearts position in the Life Plate and the other the 3 of Hearts position in the Spirit Plate, forming a Mystic Reception between the two Cards, strengthening its influence.

In the 91 Day Seasonal Chart, the UK was in its 13 Day Saturn (difficult) Period and had the 8 of Hearts in that placement. Again, representing a group of people and forms a Mystic Conjunction with the 8 of Hearts in Uranus in the 28 Year Saturn Chart.

The UK had progressed to Plate 23 for its 28 Day Lunar Chart and was in its 4 Day Jupiter Period, it had the Ace of Spade here, which is a Card of powerful transformation and the third Death Card in the System. The Moon was in Gemini triggering the Mercury Card which was the 6 of Hearts. This can be a karmic influence relating to people and it also falls in the Mars/Mars position in the Life Plate. As mentioned, the Planet Mars rules knives.

The 7 Day Weekly Chart was on Plate 3 and the UK was in its Neptune Day. Sitting in the Neptune position for the King of Spades was the 9 of Spades, again a Death Card in the System. This forms a Mystic Conjunction with the 9 of Spades in the Yearly Chart. It was also displacing the Ace of Spades forming a Mystic Reception to the Ace of Spades in effect in the 28 Day Lunar Chart.

It is unfortunate that many of these terrorist acts, or even strikes in war are taken against innocent people.

The Ancient Book of Time is an Ancient Symbolic Astrology System based on the symbology and mathematics behind an ordinary deck of cards. Thomas Morrell has made dozens of remarkable discoveries within it, bringing it to a depth and level of understanding, not known of in modern times...with more to come. Also check out his amazing new book on time itself, The God Clock, a new look at the passage of time.

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