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The Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement The US withdraws by Thomas Morrell ©2017

On December 12th, 2015, by consensus, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change was adopted within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change dealing with greenhouse gas emissions mitigation, adaptation and finance starting in the year 2020. This was negotiated/adopted by the representatives of 195 countries. On June 1st, 2017, President Trump said the United States would be withdrawing from this agreement.

Using December 12th, 2015 as its Birth Date, the Card for this day is the 6 of Clubs. 6 is the Number of Venus representing harmony and balance and Clubs is the Element of Air. This is the ultimate goal of the Agreement, to cut back on greenhouse emissions, so that our air is cleaner and better for the environment. Since we have a Date for its inception, the Paris Agreement will progress through Time, just like a person does. Let’s take a look at the Charts of the Paris Agreement to see what is going on, since the United States has pulled out.

One of the progressions used and discovered in The Ancient Book of Time is a 28 year Saturn Progression and would have 7 Planetary Periods of 4 Years within it. The Paris Agreement would be in its 4 year Mercury Period on Plate 90, or the Life Plate (also known as the Zero Plate.) Mercury rules communications, along with Media events which is a part of what is happening now. It has the 6 of Spades in this position representing many adjustments and compromises to be made during this period. The 6 of Spades is also the Planetary Number Card of the United States, showing its influence at this time, as well.

Saturn is in the Sign of Sagittarius but in Retrograde, this can point to roll backs of treaties, court decisions, etc. Saturn in this Sign would also activate, or trigger the Jupiter Card in the Chart, which happens to be the 8 of Diamonds. Using a technique I developed back in the 1990's you can calculate the symbolic value of a Name, and the name Donald Trump works out to an 8 of Diamonds. Many who are this Card like to be the center of attention and/or the star of the show.

In the 7 Year Chart (Season of the 28 Year chart – to every thing there is a season) there are 7 Planetary Periods of 1 Year and the Paris Agreement (PA) is in its 1 Year, Venus Period. Venus in the Mundane rules negotiations (Trump wants to renegotiate) as well as national resources and finances. Big energy isn’t through using oil and other energy sources at this time. In this position in the (PA) 7 Year Chart is the Queen of Hearts, the Planetary Sign Card of the United States with the 9 of Hearts in the Vertical position. The 9 of Hearts (one of the traditional Divorce Cards in the System) representing a loss or disappointment with someone, or something. It is a Number 1 Year (2017 adds to 1) so the Uranus Card in the 7 Year Chart would be triggered, as well. The 3 of Hearts is there, the Natal Moon Card for the United States and the Secondary Planetary Sign Card for a Cancer Jack of Diamonds, (July 4th is a Jack of Diamonds.)

In the Yearly or Solar Chart the PA was in its 52 Day Jupiter Period. Jupiter in the Mundane can rule global financial, or trade relations, and negatively, international predicaments. With the 5 of Clubs in this position, there will be a change (5) in thinking and plans (Clubs) and being on Plate 1 (the Paris Agreement is 1 Year old) it falls in the Saturn Line, indication of a serious, or difficult change. This could also be a blessing that brings changes to strengthen the PA as a whole. It is also Displacing the 5 of Hearts, representing a change of heart and it is one of the traditional Divorce Cards in the System. Since the Sun is in Gemini, the Mercury Card would also come into play and is the 3 of Hearts, again the Natal Moon Card of the United States.

When learning this System years ago, the smallest increment used accurately, was the 52 Day Planetary Periods within the Yearly Chart. With the discovery of 5 new Progressions (364 Year, 28 Year Saturn, 91 Day Seasonal, 28 Day Lunar and (true) 7 Day Weekly (Season of the Lunar) it really fills in the blanks as to what is going with much more detail and in smaller (and larger) increments of Time.

The Paris Agreement was in its 2nd Season of Age 1 and was in its 13 Day Neptune Period on Plate 5. In this position is the Queen of Hearts, again the Planetary Sign Card of the United States. Interesting that it is in Neptune which rules Oil, most likely the real reason the United States withdrew from the agreement, as we are reluctant to work away from our dependency on it.

In the 28 Day Lunar Chart it started a new Cycle on 5/30 and was in its 4 Day Mercury Period on Plate 19. Again Mercury ruling communications and media events. It had the Jack of Clubs in this position, the Outer Soul Card of the United States. Being the first Card in the Royal Court (Jacks, Queens, Kings) Jacks many times manifest as immature and/or dishonest. The Jack of Hearts is the Vertical Card representing a sacrifice being made. The Jack of Clubs is also in Mystic Reception to the 9 of Spades in Uranus (the 9 of Spades is Displacing the Jack of Clubs) which shows a loss or ending. Uranus in the Mundane can signify revolutions, upheavals and protests, as well. The Moon at the time was in the Sign of Virgo, ruled by Mercury, triggering or strengthening the Mercury Card in the Lunar Chart.

While the Unites States withdrawal happened on its Mars Day, it happened on a Number 1 Day triggering the Uranus Card in the Weekly Chart (25th Week on Plate 76) which was the 8 of Diamonds, again, the Name Card of Donald Trump. The Vertical Card is the 3 of Clubs, causing some concern or worry. The Saturn Card for the PA in this week was the 7 of Diamonds signifying financial challenges, or challenges in their worth, or their value. The 9 of Diamonds is the Vertical Card and just happens to be, the Card of the Republican Party in the Untied States (7/6/1854.) The 22 Republicans that signed the letter to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, all got major contributions from Big Energy.

The Phoenix Card in a Chart is the true Result Card from it and what we take into the next one. The Paris Agreement in the Weekly chart had the Jack of Diamonds there with the 9 of Spades Vertical. The Card of the United States (JD) with the loss/ending (9S) Card with it. The 9 of Spades is Displacing the 8 of Diamonds, again the symbolic value/Name Card of Donald Trump.

This is a great illustration that The Ancient Book of Time works not only for people, but anything with a Birth Date and shows the Paris Agreement has its own journey through Time, within The God Clock as everything else does.

The Paris Agreement will survive and may even become stronger because of this recent development. Already 10 States within the United States said they would still honor and abide by it.

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