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Health Care, Mar a Lago and Ivanka

The Trump Report Health Care, Mar a Lago and Ivanka Again by Thomas Morrell©2017

In the last article on Trump we looked at his 91 Day Seasonal Chart. In this one we will look at what is going on in his recent 28 Day Lunar Chart. The Yearly and 91 Day Seasonal Charts can give us good detailed information, but the 28 Day Lunar (and Weekly Charts) can be where the action is, as well as, more detailed timing.

Trump’s last 28 Day Chart was on Plate 20 and ran from March 22nd through April 18th. Looking at Plate 20 it is quite interesting and revealing. First, Trump’s Birth Card is sitting in the center of the Crown Line, displacing the 8 of Diamonds. Many who are this Card, or sitting in this position like to be the star of the show and the Name Donald Trump calculates out to an 8 of Diamonds – I am sure he feels quite at home with his Birth Card sitting here.

He had the Ace of Clubs in Mars – the word “Golf” calculates out to an Ace of Clubs and he did golf quite a bit (even though he said he wouldn’t.) The Card that really shows a significant event in this Plate is the Health Care Bill/Repeal as shown by the 7 of Spades in Saturn. The 7 of Spades represents challenges in Health and in Saturn, difficulty with it, which is exactly what happened (it didn’t pass.) The Card for Florida is the 7 of Spades and Trump is getting criticized for his many trips to his Mar a Lago resort (in Florida), again the 7 of Spades in Saturn showing this.

Another interesting placement is Ivanka’s Card (5 of Hearts) in Venus in Plate 20. As shown in the article “Ivanka the Adviser and Russia” her Card was in the Crown Line in Trump’s 91 Day Seasonal Chart when she was given a position in the White House, with her own office as a consultant. Taken from the Washington Post – “The White House announced on March 29 that Ivanka Trump, President Trump’s daughter, will become an assistant to the president. (Gillian Brockell/The Washington Post)”

The 29th fell in the 4 Day Venus Period, again with Ivanka’s Birth Card sitting there – and – the Moon was in Taurus (ruled by Venus) at the time, triggering, or increasing the influence of the Card in the Venus – Ivanka. This shows both a Mystic Conjunction with the 5 of Hearts in the 91 Day Seasonal Chart and a trigger for the event to happen. Incredible how these mathematical/symbolic influences unfold and line up in order for people and events to happen within our lives.

Stay tuned as we will looking at the month he is currently in and what is to come!

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