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Devin Nunes Steps Down

Devin Nunes Steps Down By Thomas Morrell ©2017

Devin Nunes is a Representative from California’s 22nd congressional district, is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and was a member of Donald Trump’s transition team. Recently, regarding the House investigation into Russia, he has been called into question with his actions and ties to the Trump White House. On April 6th he decided to step down as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, in regards to the Russian Investigation. Lets look at the Card Charts to see what they say.

Devin Nunes was born on October 1st, 1973 which would make him 43 and an 8 of Diamonds. Interesting that his Birth Card (8 of Diamonds) is the same as Donald Trump’s Name Card and his Planetary Number Card is the 5 of Clubs, the Card right behind Trump’s Birth Card (3 of Diamonds) in the Life Plate. This isn’t necessarily good, or bad, just shows a very strong connection between the two.

In his Yearly Chart the current 52 Day Card is the Jack of Diamonds, the Card of the United States. It is in Jupiter, which can expand things and may represent the expansion of the investigation of Russia’s involvement into the 2017 election. The Sun is in the Sign of Aries activating his Mars Card which is the Jack of Spades, indicating possible dishonesty/thievery. Mars is also the old Ruler of Scorpio which rules investigations.

Devin Nunes has the Jack of Diamonds in Mercury as his 13 Day Card in his 91 Day Seasonal Chart, again the Card of the United States, forming a Mystic Conjunction with the Jack of Diamonds in the Yearly Chart. It falls in the position right behind Trump’s Birth Card, which may indicate he is playing a supportive role to Trump.

Now we get to the 28 Day Lunar and 7 Day Weekly Charts – these really illustrate the day to day matters, events and people we experience in our lives.

He started his 7th, 28 Day Lunar Cycle on March 19th and entered his 4 Day Saturn Period on April 4th. He had the Jack of Hearts in this position (5th Card After the 8 of Diamonds) representing a difficult sacrifice to be made. The Moon was in the Sign of Leo also triggering the Uranus Card (6th Card after) (old Chaldean Secondary Ruler) which was the 6 of Spades, an unexpected adjustment or compromise in relation to work. It was Displacing the 9 of Clubs, representing a loss, or ending to one’s plans. On Plate 25, Devin Nunes’ Birth Card (8 of Diamonds) was Displacing the 3 of Diamonds, the Birth Card of Trump! (See Chart Below)

In his Weekly Card Chart at the time, he had started his 27th Week of his 43rd Year, had progressed to Plate 12 and April 6th was his Saturn Day. He had the 9 of Clubs in this position (5th Card after the 8 of Diamonds) which indicates a difficult (Saturn) ending to one’s plans and ideas (9 of Clubs). This makes a Mystic Reception to the 9 of Clubs Displacement in the Lunar Chart, connecting it to the 6 of Spades in Uranus in the Lunar Chart, as well. Devin Nunes Birth Card in the Weekly Chart was sitting in the Powerful Transformation Box, displacing both the 9 of Spades and 6 of Spades in there respective Spirit and Life Plate positions. It is not usually fun sitting in this position as many endings and adjustments will usually have to be made. Displacing the 6 of Spades also connects it by Reception to the 6 of Spades in the Lunar Chart. It is obvious in the Cards with the influences present, although difficult, his decision to step down.

2 other interesting points is that Devin Nunes Neptune Return Card is the 9 of Spades, indicating a loss, or ending in one’s work and Displacing Donald Trump’s Birth Card (3 of Diamonds) and the Reception Return Card for the 9 of Clubs in Saturn IS the 3 of Diamonds, again the Card of Donald Trump!

While the larger Card Charts in this case, point to the bigger experiences going on at the time, again, just as in the Steve Bannon Article, the 28 Day Lunar and 7 Day Weekly Card Charts really point to more specifics as to not only what is going on, but also the timing of events and how we experience them. Another amazing illustration of this incredible Ancient System, known as The Ancient Book of Time.

Stay tuned......

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