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Ivanka the Advisor and Russia

The Trump Report

Ivanka the Advsior and Russia by Thomas Morrell ©2017

Recently, President Trump announced his daughter Ivanka would be taking on an advisory role in the White House. This would be an unpaid position with an office, government cell phone, security clearance, etc. President Trump said she would be his eyes and ears.

He started his final 91 Day Season of his 70th Year on March 15th and would progress to Plate 13. The first 13 Days would be his Mercury Period during this Cycle and has the 5 of Hearts in that position (see Plate 13). The 5 of Hearts is the Birth Card of Ivanka, the Card for October 30th, her Birthday. Mercury would represent an advisor (Mercury, the messenger of the gods) and younger person, as well.

Note: The cards are read from right to left and the first 7 positions after the Birth Card are Mercury through Neptune. These positions rule the different areas in our lives, such as, relationships, work, finances and in this case, even specific people by their cards. They also represent timing, as well. (When in the lower left position, the next card will be on the top right.)

The placement of the 5 of Hearts in the 13th Plate is quite significant as it falls in the Crown Line, one of the top 3 positions in the Plate. When one’s card rises, or falls in the Crown Line, it usually brings with it recognition and prominence. It is quite obvious, Ivanka is taking a more prominent role in both her Father's Administration and the public view.

While on the 13th Plate, we can also see President Trump (3 of Diamonds Birth Card, 6/14) has the 7 of Clubs right behind him. The Card directly behind is known as the Synastry Card, or Theme Card and tells what the theme for that person/Card will be over the time of the Chart’s influence, in this case, 91 Days. The 7 of Clubs represents obstacles and challenges to one’s plans, or ideas and can also manifest as actual headaches. Looks like things will continue to be rocky and rough for our new President.

Russia’s Card is the 6 of Hearts (12/25) which is Trump’s Neptune Card (7th Card after the 3 of Diamonds) for this 91 Day Season, so look for more secrets to be revealed. His Mars Card (the 3rd Card after the 3 of Diamonds) is the King of Spades, the Name Card for Stephen Miller, look for possible conflicts with him. (More on the Birth and Name Cards of those in Trump’s inner circle to come.)

Amazing that the story unfolding right in front of our eyes, is perfectly reflected in this Ancient System.

Stay tuned.........

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