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The Commuted Sentence of Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning’s Commuted Sentence by Thomas Morrell ©2017

Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning) is an American Soldier who was convicted of the Espionage Act (and other charges) in Summer of 2013 and sentenced to 35 years in prison, along with an dis-honorable discharge from the Army. On January 17, 2017, President Obama commuted her sentence and on May 17th, she will be released.

Before we get into the Cards there are 2 significant influences in effect at this important time in Chelsea Manning’s life. First, she was born on December 17th making her an Ace of Clubs, and born on the 17th makes her an 8, the Number of Saturn. Interesting that the Birthday, the sentence commuted day and the release day are all 17/8 days. Second, at age 29 she would be experiencing her Saturn Return in her Astrological Chart. This happens when Transiting Saturn makes one full orbit through the Zodiac and ends up in Sign and Degree where it was when a person was born. This usually marks a significant point in peoples lives. 8 being her Primary Birth Number the Number of Saturn, the Saturn Return was in play and the Sun was in the Sign of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn – lots of Saturn there.

An interesting point in the Life Chart, being born on a Saturn Day (17/8) the Natal Saturn Card would be the Planetary Number Card and in this position for the Ace of Clubs is the Ace of Spades, the Card of Secrets, which is what Manning had divulged and was prosecuted for. Since the Numbers 4 and 8 are the Numbers of Fate and Destiny in Chaldean Numerology, on some level Manning most likely thought it was his/her purpose to reveal them.

In The Ancient Book of Time, in her 28 Year Saturn Chart she had the 9 of Spades in Mercury, representing an ending (9 of Spades) through a decision (Mercury.) Saturn is in Sagittarius so the Jupiter Card would come into play, she had the 6 of Hearts in this position signifying an adjustment or compromise in regards to a person, or people and the Vertical Card was the 9 of Diamonds, the Card of President Obama. In Jupiter, this would be considered a beneficial influence.

In the 7 Year Chart she had the 3 of Spades in Venus, magnifying her life/work and the Reception Return Card was the 5 of Spades, a change in one’s life and/or work. The Vertical Card was the 7 of Spades and it was Displacing the 9 of Diamonds, again the Card of President Obama.

The Year Chart on Plate 29 shows the 4 of Diamonds in Mercury as her 52 Day Card, the Planetary Sign Card for President Obama and the Vertical Mercury Card is the Jack of Clubs, the Outer Soul Card for the United States.. Since the Sun is in the Sign of Capricorn we would look at the Saturn Card for the Year which is the 9 of Diamonds, once again the Card of President Obama.

Chelsea Manning was in her first 91 Day Season of her 29th Year and had the Ace of Diamonds as her 13 Day Mars Card. The Ace of Diamonds can represent a new sense of worth, or value. The Ace of Diamonds was Displacing 2 Number 5 Cards (Change/Move) and was in a Mutual Mystic Reception with the 5 of Hearts as the Reception Return Card, indicating this new sense of worth was related to the change of heart and the move to come.

In Her 28 Day Lunar Chart, she had just started her second 28 Day Lunar Cycle and was in her 4 Day Mercury Period and had the 4 of Diamonds there and forming a Mystic Conjunction with the 4 of Diamonds in Mercury in the Yearly Chart. Not only 2 Cards in effect at the same time, but in the same Planetary Placement, as well. The Vertical Mercury Card is the Queen of Hearts, the Planetary Sign Card of the United States and the Reception Return Card was the 6 of Spades, the Planetary Number Card of the United States.

There was a lot going on in the 7 Day Weekly Chart, it was her Mars Day, but Saturn by Number. She had the 6 of Clubs in Mars displacing the 5 of Clubs forming a Mystic Reception to the 5 of Clubs in Mercury – a change in thinking, or plans. This also ties in with the Seasonal Chart, as well, possibly setting up the trigger for the event. The 4 of Spades was the Saturn Card for the week, displacing the Ace of Spades, the Card of secrets and was in Reception to the 10 of Clubs in Uranus, a Card of success. The Reception Return Card for the 6 of Clubs is the Jack of Clubs, the Outer Soul Card for the United States.

As we can see by the Cards and other influences, this was a very important time in Chelsea Manning’s life in regards to what she did (revealing secrets of military actions), all the Saturn influences present, both by Planet and Number and how President Obama’s and Cards of the Unites States were present at the time her sentence was commuted. Our paths in this life are quite remarkable and amazingly all mapped out down to the day within The Ancient Book of Time.

If you are not familiar with the System, you may want to click on this link to read about it to get a better grasp of how it works (How the System works)

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