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What's In Store for 2017 Part 2

What’s in Store for 2017 Part 2 by Thomas Morrell ©2017

In Part 1 we looked at the Number of the Year (10/1), the Symbol of the Year (2 of Spades) and current, various Planetary Periods we are in within The Mayan Time Grids. In Part 2 we will get deeper into the 2 of Spades Chart and what that may foretell of not only what might happen, but who and when, as well.

In Astrology, by Time and Place, one can have a Natal Chart constructed showing the positions of the Planets within Houses, etc. In The Ancient Book of Time (Click here for more information) each of the 52 Cards will also have a Natal or Life Chart, which is derived from the 1st Quadration of the Deck of Cards. The Year 2017 symbolically calculates out to a 2 of Spades, we will use the Natal or Life Chart for this Card as the Card/Chart of the Year and see what we can delineate from it.

When one reads the Symbolic Card Charts for a Person, they are divided into 7 Planetary Periods. Since these are like the Departments of Life, similar to the Houses in Astrology and since we are doing Mundane work, we will refer to them as Houses.

As mentioned in Part 1, the Year 2017, calculates out to the 2 of Spades, the Moon in the Element of Water. It is the card of cooperation and working together. Many who are this card need to find security (Moon) in their life and work (Spade) and it is many times reflected in their lives as taking care (Moon/Cancer) of people through their work (Spades.) Falling in the Mars Column/Neptune Line they can be very energetic, aggressive in areas such as care for others, or even in spiritual or religious pursuits.

The 2 of Spades as a Year can mean that cooperation and working together might be a theme, but there is also a deeper, revengeful, manipulative side that is present with this Card. Taking in consideration the current Political atmosphere and the Religious powers that be, trying to influence and force their doctrines upon others, it would be a good guess the negative side of this Card will manifest.

The House of Mercury

The 8 of Hearts (Saturn/Fire) is in the placement and usually represents power and passion, along with groups of people. Falling in Mercury look for the voice of the people to be heard, more groups forming to voice their opinions, books and articles being published to express this, as well as, even more on Social Media. The 8 of Hearts naturally falls in the Jupiter Column/Neptune Line which could represent justice (Jupiter) for social movements (Neptune) but negatively stand for expanded wealth and power for oil and water related issues. This influence may be is strongest the first 52 days of the Year and when the Sun is in Gemini and Virgo.

The 9 of Diamonds is the Vertical Card and is also the Card of the Republican Party (July 6th. 1854) Their actions may be the initiator for the group movements, etc. July 6th is the same birthday as George W. Bush, not surprising then, he was the nominee for his Party.

The House of Venus

Venus in the Mundane rules women’s issues, partnerships and marriage, musicians and the arts, along with diplomatic resolutions. In this position for 2017, we have the 6 of Clubs, Venus (6) in Air (Clubs). Look for many adjustments and/or compromises to be made in these areas. It naturally falls in the Saturn Column/Neptune Line and is considered the Card of Truth and an Authority (Saturn) on Spiritual (Neptune) matters. In a Number 1 Year, look to those in power to use their influence to use this to their advantage for both good and bad. From February 22nd through April 15th this influence will be felt and when the Sun is in Taurus and Libra.

The 3 of Clubs is the Vertical Card causing much concern and worry in these areas.

The House of Mars

Unfortunately, Mars rules war, conflicts, terrorist attacks, the military, polices and fires/arson. We have the 6 of Spades here which is one of the Death Card is the System. It can also represent adjustments and compromises to be made regarding these Mars-ruled matters. The 6 of Spades is also the Natal Uranus Card (and Planetary Number Card) for the United States and in this position for the Card of the Year, may foretell an unexpected (Uranus) terrorist strike (or serious attempt) against it. The influence will be its strongest from April 15th through June 6th and also when the Sun is in the Sign of Aries and Scorpio. Any strong, external Mars influence could trigger this event and the current Cycle Charts for the US could be looked at, as well.

Falling in the Uranus Column/Neptune Line it could also represent the breaking up of old structures (Uranus) to social programs and movements (Neptune) – and with a #6 Card here, adjustments and compromises made in those areas


The 10 of Hearts is the Vertical Card which, then could affect large groups of people and/or control over them.

Let’s not forget ISIS. Its name Symbolically is a 4 of Hearts and numerically it is an 8, the Number of Saturn and the Saturn Card for the 4 of Hearts is the 6 of Spades, one of the Death Cards – no secret here. As the Mars Card for the Year, look for more attacks from them (Mars), as well as, claiming credit for ones they weren’t even involved in (Neptune).

The House of Jupiter

Religion, or the Religion of the State, Law, Judges, higher Clergy, as well as wealth and banks are ruled by Jupiter. The Jupiter Card for the Year is the Queen of Hearts, Exalted Moon in Fire. This is the Card of the Mother and as it is know for Service (Queen) in Love (Hearts) and it one of the 2 Marriage Cards. While this looks good on the surface many times this power is used to control or manipulate others, especially falling in the Neptune Column/Neptune Line (things hidden.) Its Inner Soul Card (same placement in the Spirit Plate) is the 10 of Spades, which is a Card of Success, but negatively, #10 Cards are about power and control and it is a #10/1 Year, as well.

Look for power and control issues in the areas mentioned under Jupiter-ruled domains, with the cloak of service behind it. The Moon Card for the Year is the 10 of Spades which can denote trying to control (10), through emotions, the common people (Moon.) The double Neptune position of the Queen of Hearts could also point to not only social movements, but also swindling, fraud and exploitation and in service-oriented areas.

The Queen of Hearts is the Inner Soul Card for Edward Snowden and the 6 of Hearts is the Vertical Jupiter Card for the Year – The 6 of Hearts is the Card of Russia and where Snowden is staying at this Time. Will Snowden, through Russia, let out more secrets about the United States?

This influence is in effect all year but also from June 6th through July 28th and when the Sun is in the Sign of Sagittarius.

The House of Saturn

The 10 of Clubs (Sun/Pluto in the Element of Air) is the Saturn Card for the Year and represents success and accomplishment in one’s plans and ideas. Again, 10 is a number of control and with it being a #10/1 Year and in Air (Clubs) it may come to the spotlight (more than usual as the 10 of Clubs sits in the Crown Line), that the powers that be are really trying to control the narrative (Clubs), what is being said about what and why. In Saturn the areas being affected are the elderly, life threatening epidemics, land owners and industries connected to the land (such as coal) and minerals. Land rights issues will be prominent, so look for more struggle in the various pipe line conflicts, as much of what is in dispute here in not just environmental impact, but land owner rights.

North Korea is the 2 of Diamonds (9/9/1948) and its Planetary Sign Card is the Jack of Spades, the Inner Soul Card to the 10 of Clubs. Look for more difficulty from them this year.

The 5 of Spades is the Vertical Card, so look for changes in this area, especially in regards to work and health related issues. Under Saturn they may be hard fought for and difficult.

Again these Cards rule for the entire year in their Houses/placements but the time frame here is from July 28th through September 18th and when the Sun is in the Sign of Capricorn.

The House of Uranus

Uranus in the Mundane rules industry, Fascism, political tension outbreaks, right wing agenda, along with scientific breakthroughs/discoveries, technology, explosions and the unexpected. In this position is the 8 of Diamonds, it is the Card of financial power and strength and sitting a top the Crown Line can receive much attention and recognition. Look for many of the issues mentioned to come to light, including the influence and control of the wealthy. The 8 of Diamonds is the Card of the Democratic Party (February 17, 1801), so look for a political uprising from that side. On a good note, more scientific and technological breakthroughs to benefit mankind.

The Vertical Card is the Queen of Clubs the Card of the Teacher and falls in the Mars Column/Mercury Line which in the Mundane could represent a conflict (Mars) of ideas (Mercury) causing some of the unrest mentioned. The base Numbers of a Queen are a 10+2, Sun(1)/Pluto(0) creation with power + plus 2, the Number of the Moon. Positively, they can use there power to take care of, nurture and teach, however, in a negative way, this can be used to control others.

The 8 of Diamonds is the Card of China, look for an unexpected, powerful move from China, or possible cyber attack. The 3 of Hearts is the Pluto Card for the Year and the 3 of Hearts is the Inner Soul Card to the Queen of Clubs, the Vertical Uranus Card of the Year. Again, the 8 of Diamonds is the Card of financial power and strength and the United States owes a lot of money to China.

The Card for Donald Trump’s name is the 8 of Diamonds, so the attention (Crown Line) and the unexpected (Uranus) is a given this Year :)

Time wise all year, but especially September 18th through November 9th and when the Sun is in Aquarius.

The House of Neptune

Neptune rules Socialism, Communism, left wing agenda, also secret plots, fraud, illicit undertakings, as well as, water, oil and drugs. Residing in this position this year if is the King of Spades, the highest Card in the deck, the Card of the Spiritual Master. This is a very authoritative Card and in a Mundane sense represents the very powerful and could manifest in a few ways in 2017. As the Card of the Powerful, we will be dealing with those in power and in the areas mentioned – oil/big energy, water quality and/or pipelines, and big pharma, along with fraud, etc. With the Cards in play in other areas could this signify a secret plot by the powerful, for terrorist attack/s around the world, including on United States soil?

The 10 of Clubs is the Neptune Vertical Card, the Planetary Number Card for Syria – will plots be made against them, or will other terrorist attacks be caused or blamed on them? And again, the 10 of Clubs can be a control of thoughts and ideas Card, which could be the basis for a terrorist attack. The King of Spades is also the Planetary Sign Card for Syria – will there be underhanded dealings and secret plots against them? Most likely and in Neptune, is the underlying cause gas and oil?

The Neptune influence will be from November 9th until December 31st and when the Sun is in Pisces and indirectly for the entire Year.

2017 looks like a very ominous with much at stake, both on social, environmental and capitalism issues, as well as, conflicts around the world with some big players in the mix – The United States, Russia, China, North Korea and Syria. Along with these Israel is also an 8 of Diamonds like China and Iran’s Planetary Number Card is the 2 of Spades, the same as Syria’s Sun/Birth Card, so you can be sure these 2 countries will be in the thick of it, as well.

2017 is shaping up to be a most interesting Year.

To learn more about the System, the Author and his New Book on Time (Click Here)

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