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What is in Store for 2017 Part 1

What is in Store for 2017? By Thomas Morrell ©2017

With the deaths of cherished celebrities and artists, political battles/outcomes, natural disasters and conflicts around the globe, many are glad to see 2016 go. Let’s take a look at 2017 through Numbers, The Ancient Book of Time and the Mayan Time Grids to see what lies ahead. (Click here to look at last years outlook)

First, 2017 adds to a 10/1. Being a #1 year can mean we will be heading into a new direction and/or the starting of new things, new beginnings. 1 is also the Number of the Sun and in Mundane Astrology, the Sun represents leaders, people in places of authority, as well, as public heroes. So besides the new beginnings, look for a big focus on leadership roles and the people filling them.

The Compound Number 10 stands for creation (Sun/1) with power (Pluto/0) and this can be a reward, or success that is attained, but there is a warning – if the success and power is used for selfish reasons, it can be taken away. Along with this, Pluto in the Mundane rules deep transformative things, such as waste/sewers, unseen underground political movements, espionage, organized crime, violence, rape, along with wealth and power. Look for these things to come to light and in a powerful transformative way in 2017. There could be some real negative aspects of this that materialize, but sometimes that is needed for the transformation to be made.

Symbolically, 2017 Calculates out to a 2 of Spades, this is done not by adding the Numbers together in succession, but by using the Number 52, the Number of Cards in the Deck and dividing 2017 by it. In this case, we end up with remainder of 41, which is the Solar Value of the 2 of Spades. 2 is the Number of the Moon, representing our security and what we are drawn to and in Spades, the Element of Water representing the heavier things in our life, our work, health and spiritual pursuits. The natural urge of this Card is to take care of others (2/Moon/Cancer) through their work (Spades/Water) This card usually is interpreted as cooperation and working together, which could very well start during this year. However, the 2 of Spades falls in the Mars Column/Neptune Line in the Life Plate (first Quadration of the 52 Cards/Symbols) and many who are the 2 of Spades can be very manipulative/revengeful (Mars/Scorpio) to achieve their sense of security. In the Neptune Line there can be a Spiritual, or Religious theme, as well, but some will hide behind Religion to justify their actions, good or bad.

In the Mundane the Number 2 (The Number of the Moon) represents the common people, women in general and matters of a public nature. 2017 through the 2 of Spades can then represent the people, such as the Water Protectors trying to defend our clean water like a mother (2) defending, or protecting what is good for her children. Also look for more women’s issues to come to the fore front and being a Number 1 Year, most likely will not be fortunate, we can hope it will go in a new, positive direction... more in part 2. Also, with the Mars/Neptune placement, we can be sure of more conflicts with big energy and even government (local, state and national) regarding water issues/quality along with fracking and oil.

Now lets look at The Mayan Time Grids to show where we are in Time regarding the various Cycles and Planetary Periods within them and how they fit in, or influence the Number and Symbol of the Year* As mentioned in the 2016 article, we are in a 13 Year Mars Period which started in 2008 and will run through 2020. Look for more war and conflict continued under this influence – police actions (good and bad), military conflicts, terrorist attacks, industrial conflicts and veteran’s issues.

In the current 28 Year Saturn Cycle in the Mayan Time Grids we are in the final year of a 4 Year Venus Period. In 2016, this gave us our first Woman Candidate from a Major Political Party and she actually won the popular vote by more than 3 million votes. While she will not be our next President, the seeds were planted for this to happen when the timing is right for the person and within time itself. Time will wait and things will happen within it, when they are supposed to.

Venus also rules women issues in general, social factors regarding marriage, music and artists (which we lost a few in 2016 under the Ace of Spades) as well as peace and diplomatic resolutions. With Mars as the larger influence (13 Year) look for more conflicts in these areas and possibly more ground lost. When Time presents these opportunities to move forward and progress many are resistant to change and if the influences are present, will stifle it, or block it if they can. Things will eventually change, it is simply in the timing. The big issues to look for under this influence will be women’s issues, same partner marriage and diplomatic deals, both for good and bad.

2017 is the start of a new 7 Year Cycle (Season of the 28 Year Cycle) so we will be in a Mercury Year. Mercury in the mundane rules media such as books, newspapers, trade and commerce, communications and transport. Look for changes in these areas, or issues with them brought to light. There is already talk of redoing trade deals. Look for possible advancements in communications, or even a potential stifling of communication in regards to people voicing their opinions. Education may also be up for some issues and challenges under the influence of Mercury.

Just looking at the Number and Symbol of the Year tells a lot of what will be going on in 2017 including where we are in Time within the Mayan Time Grids.

In Part 2 we will get into even more detail as what to expect this coming year.

Happy New Year!

For more information on the Ancient Book of Time (Click here)

To order Thomas Morrell’s book “The God Clock, a new look at the passage of time” (Click here)

About the Author

Thomas Morrell lives in the slow rolling hills of Eastern Iowa, near the Mississippi River. Living here in the Heartland has kept him both grounded and given him the ability to approach things in a very practical, no non sense manner. Always being interested in how things work since an early age, his path in this life has led him on an unintended, incredible journey of discovery. While delving into ancient numeric, astronomical and ancient systems to look for possible answers, he saw a common denominator between them and started putting the pieces of the puzzle together. This has led to important discoveries and understanding in regards to an ancient astronomical system, which he calls “The Ancient Book of Time.” His discoveries include: the mathematical code on which the system unfolds, revealing 5 new charts or increments of time not known in modern times (there were originally only 3 without even a basis for 2 of them) – allowing the smallest calculations from 52 days, now down to the day! The Alphabet/Letter Key allowing the delineation of both names, words and numbers, as well as, many other important understandings within the System, not known before. He has written several books on the subject, with more to come. All of this research and discovery has led to the writing and publishing of a remarkable new book on Time itself titled “The God Clock, a new look at the passage of time...” where he proposes a new theory on how time unfolds in 4 different ways at the same time in the mechanism known as The God Clock. When not pondering the great mysteries of life and our journey through it, Thomas spends his time building/paddling wood canoes and kayaks, designing and building his own archery equipment and still exploring the outdoors, just as he has done since a child. His unintentional quest to figure out how things work has never ended.


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