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Janet Jackson has a Baby!

Janet Jackson has a Baby! By Thomas Morrell ©2017

On January 3rd, 2017, the music icon Janet Jackson gave birth to a baby boy at age 50! Let’s see what was going on at the time.

Janet Jackson was born on May 16th , 1966 – this day is represented by the 3 of Diamonds (Jupiter in Earth.) Her current 28 Year Saturn Cycle is on Plate 1 and is in her 4 Year Uranus Period and has the 4 of Hearts in this position, the Card of home and family. Uranus rules the unexpected, which would be the case for her having a baby at this age.

The 7 Year Cycle is actually a Season of the 28 Year Cycle and was in her Yearly Venus period at the time. The 10 of Diamonds was in this placement, however, the 4 of Hearts was the Mercury Card and displacing the 10 of Diamonds forming a Mystic Reception and a Mystic Conjunction with the 4 of Hearts in the larger 28 Year Cycle, again, the Card of home and family. Being in Venus would mark a fortunate Period under which this to happen.

On the Chart for her Yearly Cycle (Plate 50), she was in her 52 Day Saturn Period and had the Jack of Clubs there. This could represent her new baby boy, but also possible difficulty with the Dad, or some other male figure in her life. Her Moon Card for the Year (12th Card) was the Jack of Spades, the Card that represents January 3rd and the Birth Card of her new son.

The 91 Day Seasonal Cycle is on Plate 22 and the 3 of Diamonds was displacing the 10 of Diamonds forming a Mystic Reception to the 10 of Diamonds in the 7 Year Cycle. She was in her 13 Day Jupiter Period and had the 10 of Diamonds in that position, forming a Mystic Reception within the 91 Day Chart and a Mystic Conjunction and Reception to the 10 of Diamonds in the 7 Year Chart. There is also more Receptions in the Seasonal Chart tying together the Queen of Diamonds in Moon position to both the 3 of Diamonds and 10 of Diamonds and displacing 3 of the 4 Queens, as well. Queens are considered the Mothers of the Deck.

The Receptions and other configurations within the System can seem quite daunting, but after you know what to look for they are quite easy to spot and really point to deeper layers to what is going on and how they are connected, as well as, timing triggers.

In the 28 Day Lunar Cycle, Janet was in her 4 Day Venus Period and had the King of Clubs there. This represents a man in her life that could be her husband and it is displacing the Queen of Hearts, the Card of the Mother. Her Moon Card in this Cycle is the 10 of Clubs, which is the Outer Soul Card for the Jack of Spades (Soul Cards are the Cards that are sitting in each other’s respective positions in the original Life and Spirt Plates.) The 13th or Phoenix Card (True Result Card) is the Jack of Clubs, forming a Mystic Conjunction with the Jack of Clubs in Saturn in the Yearly Cycle Chart and as mentioned, most likely represents her new born son. In this Plate the Jack of Clubs was sitting in the Neptune Column/Mercury Row – keep that in mind as we go to the next Cycle.

Finally, the 7 Day Weekly Cycle Chart, which is a Season of the 28 Day Lunar Cycle is on Plate 23 and it was her Mercury Day. In this position was the Ace of Spades. The Ace of Spades is the Card of powerful transformation and also represents something new in our lives – a new life. It was a #3 day (3 being the Number of Jupiter) so the Jupiter Card would come into play and the Queen of Hearts, the Card of the Mother was in the Jupiter position. The Queen of Hearts was also displacing the Ace of Spades so it formed a Mystic Reception to the Card of the Day itself. The Phoenix Card for the 28 Day Lunar Cycle Chart was again the Jack of Clubs, sitting in this exact placement!

The Ace of Spades was displacing the 4 of Hearts forming a Mystic Reception with the 4 of Hearts in the 28 Year and 7 Year Cycle Charts – the Ace of Spades representing something new and the 4 of Hearts, home and family.

This powerful event in Janet Jackson’s life as revealed within The Ancient Book of Time really illustrates the depth and inter-connectedness there is within our own Time and Cycles, and how it unfolds precisely like gears in a clock, perfectly meshing together as people, events and experiences come into our lives.

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About the Author

Thomas Morrell lives in the slow rolling hills of Eastern Iowa, near the Mississippi River. Living here in the Heartland has kept him both grounded and given him the ability to approach things in a very practical, no non sense manner. Always being interested in how things work since an early age, his path in this life has led him on an unintended, incredible journey of discovery. While delving into ancient numeric, astronomical and ancient systems to look for possible answers, he saw a common denominator between them and started putting the pieces of the puzzle together. This has led to important discoveries and understanding in regards to an ancient astronomical system, which he calls “The Ancient Book of Time.” His discoveries include: the mathematical code on which the system unfolds, revealing 5 new charts or increments of time not known in modern times (there were originally only 3 without even a basis for 2 of them) – allowing the smallest calculations from 52 days, now down to the day! The Alphabet/Letter Key allowing the delineation of both names, words and numbers, as well as, many other important understandings within the System, not known before. He has written several books on the subject, with more to come. All of this research and discovery has led to the writing and publishing of a remarkable new book on Time itself titled “The God Clock, a new look at the passage of time...” where he proposes a new theory on how time unfolds in 4 different ways at the same time in the mechanism known as The God Clock. When not pondering the great mysteries of life and our journey through it, Thomas spends his time building/paddling wood canoes and kayaks, designing and building his own archery equipment and still exploring the outdoors, just as he has done since a child. His unintentional quest to figure out how things work has never ended.

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