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Who Really is the Joker?

December 31st In The Ancient Book of Time The Celebration of Life! By Thomas Morrell ©2016

For years and even to this day, it is taught that December 31st is represented by the Joker and people born on that day cannot be read using the System, they are special and supposedly can be any Card they choose to be. On the other hand, Astrologically and Numerically, they are treated just as anyone else. I have always believed that they can be read using the System, since they are subject to the same laws and influences here on Earth, just as all the rest of us are.

In The Ancient Book of Time the before and after Noon method is used. If you are born before Noon you would be read as an Ace of Hearts (December 30th) and if born after Noon, you would be read as a King of Spades (January 1st.) To test this theory out, years ago I had access to a large Astrological Data Base and looked at all the December 31st birthdays within it. Some did not have events listed with them, but did have their careers, etc. It was quite obvious those before Noon showed a more creative side (Ace of Hearts), while those born after Noon reflected a more powerful leadership role (King of Spades.)

Some entries had the dates of events that had transpired and with those I was able use all the different Progression Charts in The Ancient Book of Time to test it out for both as an Ace of Hearts and King of Spades. It was obvious the before and after Noon method was valid. I also use this method for people who are not quite sure of their real Birth date and by using dates of events in their lives, one can easily find out the real day on which they were born


Many times some will say a person is this card because that is the way they are, or perceive them to be, in this case it can be easily skewed as the December 30th Ace of Hearts is a Sun ruled Card, born on a Jupiter ruled day and the January 1st King Of Spades is a Jupiter ruled Card born on a Sun ruled day. Many factors need to be taken into consideration for each Card born on a specific day, including external Astrological and Numerological influences, as well. For example, I had a friend that celebrated his birthday on April 26th which is an 8 of Clubs. One day he admitted his mother and sister had told him the Doctor had written down the wrong day on the Birth Certificate and that he was actually born on April 27th. Getting as many events as I could from him, we ran all the Charts for both Cards and it was obvious he was really born on April 27th. Some who knew him and of the Cards would say he was obviously an 8 of Clubs as he was so stubborn since the 8 of Clubs is one of the Fixed Cards, when in reality he born under the Sign of Taurus, which is known for their stubbornness. Further verification was made later when he had the 9 of Spades in Saturn as a 7 of Clubs born on April 27th – during that time he came down with pneumonia. Perception can be tricky, events will show the truth

There are basically 365 days in a Year, but in Astrology there aren’t 365 degrees in a circle, there are 360. Same thing in the Card System, but instead of 360, the unit of measure is 364. By using the before and after Noon method we are simply straddling the day (December 31st) and adjusting an imperfect Calendar to a more perfect System. We do the same for February 29th as you cannot have the System one way for 3 years, then 1 year it is different. February 29th does work out mathematically to be the 9 of Clubs, but March 34th works out to the 2 of Clubs – the day doesn’t exist.

On a more serious note, the Joker mathematically calculates out to the Sacred Number, 142857 which I believe represents the miracle of life manifest on the material plane and why the Ancients took this day to celebrate and recognize its magnificence.

Today as you go to be with friends or family, go party, or do your ritual for each new year coming, remember to make the adjustment in the Cards (your Mercury Day will now start one day later) and recognize the magnificence of this day, as the Ancients did.

And don’t forget to take advantage of the fact you are getting 2 days in one!


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