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  • by Thomas Morrell

One Day Later? The Passing of Debbie Reynolds

One Day Later The Passing of Debbie Reynolds by Thomas Morrell ©2016

The Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, passed away on December 27th, shockingly, her mother legendary actress Debbie Reynolds passed away a day later on December 28th.

Debbie Reynolds was born on April 1st, 1932. The symbol for this day is the 7 of Spades and she would be 84 years old. In her Yearly Chart her Card, the 7 of Spades was displacing the 9 of Spades, one of the 3 Death Cards in the System. She started her 52 day Uranus Period only 11 days before and had the 9 of Spades in this position – a Mystic Reception to her Displacement Card increasing its influence. Under Uranus things can happen unexpectedly and both her and her daughter did just that.

Just as in the George Michael Charts, we have a Planet influencing a Chart, in this case it was the 28 Year Saturn Chart. She had just went into her 4th 28 Year Cycle (Plate 3) at age 84 and was in her 4 Year Mercury Period. However, Transiting Saturn is in Sagittarius and this would illuminate, or trigger the Jupiter Card in the 28 Year Saturn Chart which is the Ace of Spades, a Death Card. The Ace of Spades just happens to be Displacing her Natal Sun Card position and would be her Sun Return Card in the Chart. Another Mystic Reception that again, strengthens the influence of the Card. Many think the Sun Return Card is a protective influence for us, it actually just defines what is around, or surrounds us during the time of the Chart, both good and bad.

Her Card in the 28 Year Chart was displacing the 5 of Diamonds. This is important as in her Weekly Chart on Plate 86 she was in a Uranus day and had the 5 of Diamonds in this position. Another interesting point is the 5 of Diamonds in the Weekly Chart was displacing the 7 of Spades, this is like a Mutual Mystic Reception between the 2 Cards in different Charts and a Mystic Reception within the Weekly Chart itself. The 7 of Spades on Plate 86 was Displacing the Ace of Spades, again one of the Death Cards in the System.

In her 28 Day Lunar Chart (Plate 21) The Card right behind her (the Synastry or Theme Card) was the 9 of Spades (death Card) defining the theme of the Chart and her Moon Card was the Ace of Clubs (Carrie Fisher’s Birth Card). She was in her 4 day Saturn Period and had the 6 of Diamonds there and while not significant in and of itself, it was sitting in the Transformation Box, the original Life and Spirit positions of the 6 of Spades and 9 of Spades, 2 of the 3 Death Cards in the System.

Again, this just shows the layers, connections and influences recognized within The Ancient Book of Time System, along with the depth, detail and precision regarding the timing of events in people’s lives. Quite remarkable this has been hiding right in front of our eyes, within the deck of ordinary playing cards.

It was incredible how things fell in place so fast for this daughter and mother to pass away as they did. They will be missed greatly in the hearts of those who knew them and their fans.

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