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The Passing of George Michael

The Death of George Michael

by Thomas Morrell ©2016

On Christmas Day, the world lost another music icon, George Michael. He was born on June 25, 1963. The Card for June 25th is the 5 of Clubs and he would be 53 years old. There were a few things going on in his charts, as far as timing and triggers that were quite remarkable – let’s take a look.

The basis of the different Cycle Charts in The Ancient Book of Time are based closely on the orbits of Saturn, the Earth and the Moon (along with Seasons of these motions.) This has not only revealed 5 new charts not known of in modern times, but uncovering influences upon us to better understand how the System really works and the vast amount of information and detail within it – including external astrological effects, as well.

In George’s Yearly Chart, he was in his 52 day Jupiter Period and had the Queen of Spades in this position. This indicates a person of service that was in his life and would be a blessing of some kind; however, this really doesn’t show a “death.” A technique I have been using for years and mentioned in my beginning book The Ancient Book of Time”is what ever Sign the Sun is in can trigger, or re-trigger that card under the planetary position associated with that Sign and this was actually in play in 2 of his Charts

The Sun had just gone into Capricorn a few days before his passing and the Sign of Capricorn is ruled by the Planet Saturn. His Saturn Card for the Year was the 10 of Clubs and again at first glance doesn’t seem like an influence for death. Looking more carefully at his Chart from Plate 53, there is actually 4 Cards that are tied together through Mystic Receptions that lead by sequence to the Ace of Spades in Neptune. The Ace of Spades is one of the traditional "death cards" in the System and in Neptune could point to his trouble with drugs and the underlying issue for his passing.

A Mystic Reception is similar to a Mutual Reception in Astrology. A Mutual Reception happens when 2 planets are in each others' ruling Sign – if Saturn was in Libra and Venus was in Capricorn etc. A Mystic Reception happens when a Card in a Chart is sitting in another Card’s original position in the Life or Spirit Plate and THAT Card is also within the same Chart. Again, in the case of George Michael, he had 4 Cards connected by reception within his Chart leading to the Ace of Spades. This was in play not because he was in his 52 day Jupiter Period, but because of external Astrological influences upon the Chart, creating a partial trigger for the event – there is more.

In his 28 day Lunar Chart (Plate 65), he has more receptions going on, including 2 with the Yearly Chart and a Mystic Conjunction. He was in his 4 day Jupiter Period and had the 4 of Spades there, not a Death Card, but displacing the Ace of Spades which is a Death Card and ties into the Ace of Spades in the Yearly by Reception. The 4 of Spades is in reception to the 10 of Clubs in Saturn in the Lunar Chart which forms a Mystic Conjunction (2 Cards in play that are the same in 2 separate Charts) with the 10 of Clubs in the Yearly Chart. This can seem a little confusing at first, but after working with it awhile, you can pick up these Receptions and Conjunctions quite easily and they really start to show how things are at play within the System and especially with triggers for events.

Simply looking at George’s Yearly Chart with what was going on in the standard way, it really didn’t show his passing, but as the Sun moved into Capricorn it triggered and set up the event to happen, even tying it to the Lunar Chart, as well. There was one more trigger that took place in the Lunar and that was his Mars Card, which was the Ace of Hearts. Many times a Heart Card can be present when one experiences a heart attack. The Ruling Planet of Aces is the Sun which in Medical Astrology governs the heart. The Moon was in its later degrees of Scorpio at the time, Mars being the traditional ruler of Scorpio, thereby re-triggering (in this case) the Mars Card in the 28 day Lunar Chart.

And where was the 10 of Clubs in the Yearly Chart? Sitting in the original Ace of Hearts position forming a Mystic Reception with it.The Cards will not only tell the story of what is going on in a person’s life, but through various techniques beyond the basics, including external Astrological influences upon it, can show the precise timing of events and why, as it did in George Michael’s Cards.

RIP George Michael, you and your music will be greatly missed.

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More articles on external influences on triggers – stay tuned......

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