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Year in Review!

At the beginning of 2016 I posted an article on my old blog on what would be coming up in 2016 using the The Ancient Book of Time Card System, Numbers and the newly discovered Mayan Time Grids. I am re-posting it to take another look before we go into 2017. With it a Mars Year by Number and Neptune Year in the Mayan Time Grids, I did think there would be conflicts on the Keystone Pipeline. It turned out more so, to be the protest at Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline. A powerful, spiritual, peaceful protest (Neptune) against hired security forces and the militarized police (Mars) and the building of a pipeline to transport oil (Neptune.)

Soon I will post an article on 2017 (2 of Spades) to see what is ahead!

What In Store For 2016?

By Thomas Morrell copyright 2016 Using Numbers, Symbols and the newly revealed Mayan Time Grids, let’s take a look at what is in store for us in the Year ahead. When we add all the digits of 2016 together (2+0+1+6 = 9) we get a total of 9, using the Chaldean Number System 9 is the Number of the Planet Mars. In Mundane Astrology, Mars rules the Military – its leaders, the police, War, fires, violence, conflict and terrorist attacks. In the Mayan Time Grids (time laid out in specific cycles and planetary periods), we entered a 13 Year Mars Period in 2008, so we have already been feeling the effects of Mars for awhile now. Even though we invaded Iraq before 2008, just looking around the world, there are many more conflicts going on. Using The Ancient Book of Time, 2016 calculates out to 40, the Symbolic Value of the Ace of Spades. This is quite ominous, as in the Card System it is one of the traditional death Cards and represents a powerful transformation. Falling in Mars Year this most likely represents more death and destruction around the world, through military conflicts and terrorist attacks. Again, we are already in a 13 Year Mars Planetary Period and this has already started, it just maybe more focused, or escalated this year. The Ace of Spades in the Life Plate falls in the Mercury Line/Neptune Column. So besides the Card of powerful transformation, there is a Mercury/Neptune quality to it, as well. Mercury ruling communication, ideas and knowledge and Neptune being involved there can be something hidden, a secret or an illusion. Aces are ruled by the Sun, in the Mundane, this signifies leaders, or those in charge and again with the Mercury/Neptune influence, negatively, we will be getting the illusion of what our leaders wants us to hear, not what is really going on. Since America will be electing a new leader and it is a Number 9/Ace of Spades Year, expect a lot of conflict. deception and lies (Mars, Neptune and Mercury) as the candidates vie to be its leader – more than usual. There is a movement for powerful change and a few candidates are speaking more truthfully, however, with all the conflicts going on, it is most likely a more war friendly person will be chosen. There will be more articles in the future on the candidates and the election. Positively, this can be secret, hidden knowledge that comes to light and while we have been kept in the dark for many years, the illusions and deception our leaders have been telling us may come to light on a greater scale – remember, the Ace of Spades is a Card of powerful transformations. With the Mars influence, new surgical techniques are possible, as well. While it is a Number 9/Mars and an Ace of Spades Year, we also have the influence of the Mayan Time Grids, a new interpretation of the Mayan Calendar revealed in the recently released book. The God Clock, a new look at the passage of time. This divides time into specific Cycles and Planetary Periods. As mentioned, we started a 13 Year Mars Period in 2008 and that influence has led to not less, but more conflicts around the world. This influence will last through the year 2020. In 2014 we entered a 4 Year Venus Period, Venus ruling money, women and negotiations. This is interesting as big money and its influence is being brought to light once again. With the Ace of Spades in effect this Year, look for possible transformation, or loss in the financial sector Women’s issues and rights are many of the main stories in the media now, unfortunately under the 13 Year Mars Period, it is being reflected in what many perceive as a war on women and not just in America, but around the world – the oppression and violence against women in the Middle East and the missing and murdered Native women in Canada, for example. While not all countries, or powers are working things out, there have been some significant negotiations during this time – the Iran Deal and the big conference on Climate Change held in France. Venus also rules farming and there has been a big movement against companies like Monsanto and GMO’s. Again, under the bigger influence of Mars, these are definitely materializing as conflicts. There will be future articles on the election and candidates for President in America, but being under the 4 Year influence of Venus, does this foretell the possibility of a Woman President? While 2016 through vibration is represented by the Number 9, the Number of Mars, in the Mayan Time Grids by sequence we are in a Neptune Year and this is another telling influence of what is to come, or what things are about. We know with Mars there will be conflict, action and War, but with Neptune involved, it shows that these conflicts, or actions can be about oil, spiritual/religious beliefs, socialized medicine, hospitalization and social movements. Also look for more flooding, possible gas leaks/disruptions (more conflict on the Keystone Pipeline) and medical issues, such as the flu, viruses, etc. We are just days into 2016 and already the escalations are happening – a fiery attack on the Saudi Embassy in Iran, over the beheading of a Iranian Cleric (Mars/Neptune) and another Congressional vote to try and repeal Obama Care soon to happen. While we can also look at the specific Charts for various countries to get a more detailed look at what is going on with them, just looking at the Year 2016 through it’s Numeric and Symbolic influences, we can get a better idea of the environment created in which these events can occur. The addition of the newly revealed Mayan Time Codes explains another layer in which Time unfolds that we experience here on Earth. It looks like a very interesting year. For more information on this amazing astronomical science check out and to learn how Time really unfolds check out the new book on Kindle The God Clock, a new look at the passage of time, by Thomas Morrell

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