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2016 Election

The 2016 Presidential Election

by Thomas Morrell ©2016

I have not yet posted much on the election, however, I did hint at who the winner would be well before the primaries in my new book “The God Clock, a new look at the passage of time.”

I have compared Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders as they are the same Card, but different birthdays. Trump is a Gemini 3 of Diamonds born on a Number 5 day (6/14), both ruled by Mercury and the Element of Air and he is full of hot air. Bernie is a Virgo 3 of Diamonds and born on a Number 8 day, both ruled by Mercury but The Sign and Number in this case is associated with the Element of Earth – Bernie is definitely more down to earth.

We started a new 364 Year cycle in 1982 and within that would be 4, 91 Year Seasonal Cycles, 13, 28 Year Saturn Cycles and 52, 7 Year Seasonal Cycles with each one of these divided into 7 Planetary Periods. 7/52 Year Periods in the 364 Year Cycle, 7/13 Year Periods in the 91 Year Seasonal Cycle, 7/4 Year Periods in the 28 Year Saturn Cycles and 7/Yearly Periods in the 7 Year Seasonal Cycle.

In 2010 we started the second 28 Year Saturn Cycle within the current 364 Year Cycle and in 2014 started a 4 Year Venus Period within the 28 Year Cycle now in effect. This is interesting as many women’s issues have come to the forefront as of late, but would also create the environment for a woman to become President, as well. It should also be noted that in 2034 a 52 Year Venus Period will start bringing important Venus Ruled areas to light, such as our food/food supply, beauty, music, the arts and of course, women.

America has always had men as Presidents and this would be natural as it is always in its 52 Day Mars Period at the time of its Presidential Elections, Mars being the ruler of men. Besides the 4 Year Venus Period in effect, Venus the ruler of Women and it being America’s 52 Day Mars Period, we are in a 13 Year Mars Period within Time itself. What makes the possibility for Hillary to be elected President with Mars in play, as well? She is a Scorpio ruled by Mars and she is a 9 of Hearts, 9 is the Number of Mars and the Planetary Ruler of her Card. Another interesting point is that she is born on a Number 8 day (10/26 - 2+6=8) and the Election will be held on November 8th , a Number 8 Day. In the Chaldean Number System 8 is one of the Numbers of Fate and Destiny. 8 is the Number of Saturn, which is exalted in the Sign of Libra, ruled by Venus, giving Hillary another strength within this 4 Year Venus Period. Number 8 people are very strong and almost always weather the storm.

Whether you believe any of these candidates should even be elected, or that the elections are rigged, it is most likely Hillary will be our next President.

Also mentioned in “The God Clock” is the Masonic Prophecy, that when America gets 52 States, its true destiny will be revealed. I think we are all waiting for that, as things do not seem very positive for humanity at this time.

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