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Haiti and the Hurricane

Haiti and Hurricane MATTHEW

by Thomas Morrell ©2016

With the death toll at 500 and possibly rising, Haiti took quite a hit from hurricane MATTHEW, let’s see what was going on in The Ancient Book of Time.

The date given for Haiti’s current Constitution is March 29th, 1987, making it a 7 of Clubs. The 7 of Clubs is the anxious Card and negatively manifests as obstacles and challenges with one’s plans, ideas, etc. A few things going on with Haiti at this time, first, under its current constitution it is 29 years old which puts it close to, or at its Saturn Return. A Saturn Return is when the Planet Saturn has transited the entire Zodiac and has returned to the original position in a Natal Astrology Chart when the person, thing, place, etc. was born. Depending on the placement within the Chart and how it is aspected, it can many times be quite difficult. Being born on the 29th of the month, has its own set of challenges as well and reduces to the Number 2, the Number of the Moon which can manifest as needing care and constant changes/instability.

Looking at the current 7 Year Chart, Haiti has the 6 of Spades in Jupiter, displacing the Ace of Spades and has the 9 of Spades in Saturn. Jupiter can magnify, or make things bigger, while Saturn brings lessons and/or difficulty – all three cards are the traditional Death Cards in the System. The effects of this will be long lasting and Haiti will have much yet to deal with.

In the Yearly Chart Haiti is in its 52 day Jupiter Period and has the 9 of Hearts in that position. In a person’s Chart this would be considered the Wish Card and a fortunate experience, however, in a Mundane perspective Jupiter would have a magnifying effect and the 9 of Hearts representing and ending, or loss (9) with people (Hearts.) Unfortunately, hundreds have died due to the storm.

In its current 91 Day Seasonal chart it is in its 13 Day Mercury Period. The Queen of Diamonds is in that position. The Queen of Diamonds alone doesn’t seem to tell us much, however is it in Mystic Reception to the 4 of Spades, the Moon Card in the Seasonal Chart. In Mundane Astrology the Moon represents the common people and unfortunately in this case, the 4 of Spades is also in Mystic Reception to the 9 of Spades (traditional Death Card) in the difficult Saturn position.

In the 28 Day Lunar Chart the Saturn Card was the 9 of Clubs, representing a difficult ending, depression, etc. That is also the Outer Soul Card for the Queen of Hearts, the card for the Name MATTHEW. It was in its 4 Day Uranus Period when the storm hit, Uranus signifying upheavals, natural disasters, etc. The Card in that position was the 10 of Hearts, indicating a large group of people, which it did effect. The Moon was in Sagittarius at the time, triggering the Jupiter Card in the Chart which was the 4 of Spades, creating a Mystic Conjunction to the Moon Card in the Seasonal Chart. It was displacing the 7 of Spades a very challenging Card.

Hurricane MATTHEW hit Haiti on October 4th. 4 being the Number of Uranus, again ruling upheavals and natural disasters. In the Weekly Chart in the Uranus position was the 2 of Spades, displacing the Ace of Spades. The Neptune (God of the Seas) placement was the 6 of Spades, 2 traditional Death Cards in effect. The Moon Card for the week was the 10 of Hearts, representing many people effected and it was displacing the 9 of Clubs, the Outer Soul Card for MATTHEW (Queen of Hearts.) creating a Mystic Reception to the 9 of Clubs in Saturn in the 28 Day Lunar Chart.

This is a good illustration that sometimes the actual card in effect isn’t always what it going on, but more importantly that it can be connected by Reception or Conjunction to other cards within the Chart, or even to Cards in other Charts within the Progressions. This not only brings things to light, but may even be the trigger/timing for an event to happen.

As we can see by the Charts and placements, it was a very unfortunate time for Haiti. Still, just starting to recuperate from the earthquake that hit in 2010, it is a country with little resources and this will only set it further back in its recovery. With lack of clean water, food and shelter, more problems are ahead for this poor country. We can be sure the effort will be made to help this devastated country and people and hope for a speedy recovery.

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