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Hurricane MATTHEW

Hurricane MATTHEW The Name and what it means. By Thomas Morrell ©2016

Lets take a look at the Name MATTHEW, what it means in the Card System and how it connects to the 4 States that it may effect.

In the Card System the name MATTHEW calculates out to a Symbolic Value of 12, which is the Solar Value of the Queen of Hearts* This is interesting as in the Life Plate it sits in the Neptune Column and Neptune Row, Neptune being the God of the Seas. Its Inner Soul Card (the Card that sits in the same position in the Spirit Plate, where all the Cards are in perfect order) is the 10 of Spades, a powerful card that can be very controlling. In the Chaldean Numeric system the name MATTHEW works out to an 11/2. The Compound Number 11 representing many tests and trials and reducing to the Number 2, the Number of the Moon which governs the tides. The secondary Number of the Moon is 7, the Number of Neptune, again the God of the Seas. The Planetary Number Card for the name* MATTHEW would be its Neptune Card, the 10 of Spades, also its INNER Soul Card. Just from the Name alone we can delineate that MATTHEW as a Hurricane is all about water (Neptune) and power (10 of Spades.)

Now we will take a look at the States it may effect and how it connects to them.

Florida is a 7 of Spades with a birth date of 3/3/1845. MATTHEW is the Mayan Challenge Card to Florida in its Life Chart and can represent many tests and trials, just as the Number 11 does (it is the 11th Card in the Chart.) It also has a Mars Connection to it in the Spirit Plate, which represents energy and conflict. In its Yearly Chart, MATTHEW is Florida’s Pluto Card which can indicate a powerful transformation and more challenges.

South Carolina is the 9 of Clubs (5/23/1788) which is the Outer Soul Card for MATTHEW making it a very significant connection. In its current Yearly Chart, South Carolina has the 3 of Spades in Uranus (upheavals, natural disasters, etc.) and it is displacing the Queen of Hearts, the Card of the Name for MATTHEW. It has the 10 of Spades in Neptune (Water) making a Mystic Reception* to the 3 of Spades in Uranus and the 10 of Spades also sits in the Neptune/Neptune position in the Spirit Plate.

North Carolina’s birth date is 11/21/1789 making it a Queen of Hearts, the same card as the name MATTHEW. It is in it’s 52 day Neptune Period at the time of this writing, Neptune again ruling the Seas and Water and its Sun Return Card is the 9 of Clubs, the Outer Soul Card for both it and MATTHEW. It also rules endings, losses and disappointments. A very significant connection!

Georgia is the Queen of Spades with a birth date of 1/2/1788. Of the 4 States being projected to be affected, it seems to have the lesser connections to MATTHEW. With its Planetary Sign Card being the King of Clubs, it does have a diagonal Mercury connection to it. In its current Yearly Chart Georgia has the 9 of Spades in Uranus, indicating loss/upheaval possibly natural disasters.

As we can see, the Card of the Name technique in The Ancient Book of Time System, is a powerful tool that allows one to see important connections with Names and how they possibly can effect us.

* The Card of the Name technique and Mystic Receptions are important discoveries made by Thomas Morrell that have led to a much deeper understanding and use of the Card System. Mystic Receptions can also go beyond just a single Chart and connect with other progressions in the System, many times revealing triggers for the precise timing of events.

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