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The Hoboken Train Crash

The Train Crash in Hoboken NJ by Thomas Morrell ©2016

On the Morning of 9/29 a train crashed into the station in Hoboken, NJ killing 1 and injuring 100. Lets look at The Ancient Book of Time and see what influences were present.

Hoboken was incorporated on April 9th, 1849, this makes it a Queen of Diamonds and is 167 years old. What really stands out in the Charts is that the 7 Year Chart and the Weekly Chart were the same and had a Mystic Conjunction with both the charts and the timing of the Cards in play. There are 90 Quadrations or Plates of the Cards that we progress through at various rates, one is a 7 Year progression we go through one every 7 years and another is a Weekly, where we go through one every week – when we hit Plate 90 we start over at Plate 1. There are more rates of progression, but we are focusing on these 2 at this time as conjunctions usually indicate a trigger for an event and in this case to the day.

Hoboken had progressed to Plate 23 in its current 7 Year Chart and was in its Neptune Period, it had the 6 of Spades in this position. The 6 of Spades is traditionally one of the Death Cards in the System but can indicate serious health, work and life issues. Now the Weekly Chart had progressed to Plate 68 so how can they be the same? An interesting phenomena happens with the quadration of the 90 Plates, the first 45 are the same as the second 45, only the 2 pairs of semi-fixed cards have switched positions. Except for 4 of the 52 positions, Plate 23 and 68 are the same Plate.

On Plate 68 in Hoboken’s Weekly Chart, it was in its Uranus Period, Uranus ruling upheavals, accidents, things happening unexpectedly and had the Jack of Spades in this position. This could indicate that foul play could be a possibility. The event happened on the 29th day of the month which reduces to the Number 2, the Number of the Moon. In the Ancient Book of Time the Chaldean Planet/Number associations are used and the Number 7, or Neptune is the secondary ruler of the Moon. This would trigger the Neptune Card, as well, which being the same as the 7 Year chart on Plate 23 would be the 6 of Spades.

In The God Clock, (that reveals how time itself is unfolding) we are in a Neptune Year within a 7 Year Cycle. This would also influence the Neptune placement in Hoboken’s personal 7 Year Chart.

As we can see by the progressions within The Ancient Book of Time and The God Clock, when things line up such as Plates, Planets and Mystic Conjunctions, important events can be triggered, unfortunately for good and bad. May the injured heal quickly and the families of those who have passed on, find peace and closure.

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