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  • by Thomas Morrell

It Really Is The God Clock

As illustrated in my the book “The God Clock”, Time is divided by Spirit (7) which manifests as 7 Planetary Periods, Mercury through Neptune. This covers large blocks of time, as well as smaller ones. For example, we started a new, Fall 2,548 Year Seasonal Cycle within a larger 10.192 Year Cycle in 1982. The 2,548 Year Cycle is divided into 7 Planetary Periods of 364 Years. In the current 364 Year Cycle (also divided into 7 Planetary Periods), we started a 52 Year Mercury Period, which also would have started in 1982 – the Information Age and will start a 52 Year Venus Period in 2034. There are also 91 Year Cycles with 7 Planetary Periods of 13 Years (we are currently in a 13 Year Mars Period), 28 Year (Saturn) Cycles with 7 Planetary Periods of 4 Years and 7 Year Cycles with 7 Planetary Periods of one Year.

Being proportional to the Year or Years, we also experience time in Day Cycles – a 364 day (Year with the 12/31 adjustment) with 7 – 52 Day Planetary Periods, 4 – 91 Day Seasonal Cycles with 7 Planetary Periods of 13 Days, 13 – 28 Day Lunar Cycles with 7 Planetary Periods of 4 Days and 52 – 7 Day (Week) Cycles with 7 Planetary Periods of 1 Day. The 364 Day Cycle and the sub Cycles within this are the smaller wheels, or gears within The God Clock that mesh perfectly and proportionately with the larger ones.

These smaller Time/Day Cycles start on January 1st and would parallel someone born on that day. The Symbol or Card for this day is the King of Spades. Back in the 1990's I discovered the Alphabet/Card Key which allowed me to determine the Card for any Name or Number and the first name I tested was God, which calculated out to the King of Spades. The King of Spades is known as the “Spiritual Master” and also the God Card. Since the timing cycles of this Card, the God Card, is the same as Time, as how it unfolds within the mechanism known as The God Clock, it clearly and simply illustrates, it really and literally is – The God Clock and it is how God, the creator and/or the soul of the universe expresses itself in our world. This could also be the very reason that our Years start on January 1st.

copyright 2016

by Thomas Morrell

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