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Planets in Action (Ft Meyers)

Planetary Influence in Time The Fort Meyers Event by Thomas Morrell ©2016 all rights reserved

As illustrated in the book “The God Clock” Time unfolds in 7 Planetary divisions within specific, natural cycles. Each Planet not only governs these divisions and specific areas within life, but also has a certain quality, or essence about it, as well. 2 of the Planets, Saturn and Mars are considered malefic, or having a possible bad influence.

In Mundane Astrology Saturn can represent a tragic, more major event, public buildings and a time of mis-fortune. The Planet Mars governs violence, crimes of violence, agitators, etc. With the recent, tragic event in Ft Meyers, Florida, one can look at just the Planetary Periods in effect within the various Charts in The Ancient Book of Time to see that it would not be a fortunate time for the City. Ft Meyers Birth Date was March 24th, 1886, this would make it a Queen of Clubs and 130 years old. Here are the various Charts for Ft Meyers and their respective Planetary Periods at the time of the event.

28 Year Chart, 4 Year Saturn Period (ages 128 thru 131) 7 Year Chart, 1 Year Saturn Period (age 130) Yearly Chart, 52 Day Mars Period (7/6 thru 8/26) 91 Day Seasonal Chart, 13 Day Mars Period (7/19 thru 7/31) 28 Day Lunar Chart, 4 Day Mars Period (7/23 thru 7/25) 7 Day Weekly Chart, Saturn Day (7/25)

Looking at this, we can see Ft. Meyers was in 3 Saturn Periods and 3 Mars Periods in the various Charts at the time of the event. This illustrates that Time is not random, or happenstance, it is very sequential and unfolds with a purpose and influence. Along with the good and unfortunately as in this case, the seemingly bad happens, as well.

For an explanation of how the System works and its basis Click here

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