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Baton Rouge #2

Baton Rouge 2, More Tragedy

by Thomas Morrell © 2016

all rights reserved

On July 17th, Baton Rouge experienced another tragedy, when ex-marine Gavin Long shot and killed 3 police officers, wounding 3 more. While the larger charts for Baton Rouge are still in play, the smaller ones, the 91 day Seasonal, 28 day Lunar and 7 day Weekly* have changed. – lets take a look.

Baton Rouge Birth Date: January 16th, 1817 Birth Card: Jack of Diamonds

Gavin Long Birth Date: 1/17/1987 Birth Card: Jack of Clubs

Date of event: July 17th, 2016 Police Shooting.

Besides charts for people and places to look at events, relationships can also be delineated and while we wont do a complete relationship comparison between Gavin Long and Baton Rouge, there are some significant connections that stand out. Baton Rouge is a Jack of Diamonds and Gavin Long is a Jack of Clubs, the Jack of Diamonds is both the Inner Soul Card (what drives someone) and the Natal Saturn Card (similar to an Astrology Chart regarding the house and aspects, etc.) Saturn Cards usually point to difficulty, restrictions, burdens, etc. Also, the Composite Sun Card between Gavin Long and Baton Rouge is the 9 of Hearts, as mentioned in previous articles, not a good card for relationships as it signifies loss, disappointment, etc. If someone was to do location work for Gavin Long, they would not suggest Baton Rouge as a good place for him to be.

In the Yearly Chart for Baton Rouge, it was still in its 52 day Jupiter Period and had the 6 of Hearts there, the Inner Soul Card for Alton Sterling. During the Alton Sterling shooting, Baton Rouge was in the end of its 2nd Season, on July 17th, it went into its 3rd 91 day Season and was in its 13 day Mercury Period. In this position was the 9 of Spades, one of the traditional death cards in the System. The Card that falls in the original position of the 9 of Spades, the Reception Return Card was the 3 of Diamonds, the Birth Card of Alton Sterling.

In the 28 day Lunar Chart, Baton Rouge was in its 4 day Jupiter Period on Plate 73 and had the 8 of Spades there, the card of force. Baton Rouge’s current 7 Year Chart is on the Plate 28, which is the same as Plate 73 and in its Jupiter Period with the 8 of Spades there as well. This forms a Mystic Conjunction which increases the energy for specific events to happen. The Synastry, or Theme Card (right behind the Birth Card) in the Lunar Chart is the Jack of Clubs, the Card of Gavin Long, the shooter.

Finally, the 7 day Weekly Chart for Baton Rouge started on that day and was in its Mercury Period and had the 2 of Hearts in that position. In reading this influence in a mundane matter and not one of a person, this could be interpreted as a relationship possibly with a person, or people, having to do with a communication (Mercury). But what is even more significant, the Jack of Diamonds was displacing the 9 of Spades (death card), the Synastry, or Theme Card (the card right behind it) was the 9 of Spades and the Mercury Return Card (the card that has returned to, or sits in the original Natal Mercury position for the Jack of Diamonds) is the Ace of Spades, another one of the traditional death Cards in the System.

It should be noted that Gavin Long turned 29 years old on July 17th 2016. He was in his Mercury Period and had the 9 of Hearts there, the Composite Sun between him and Baton Rouge and the same Card Alton Sterling had in his Yearly Chart at the time of his shooting. In Astrology, around 29 years of age experiences what is called a Saturn Return, when Saturn has made a complete revolution in one’s Natal Chart and has returned to its original position. A Saturn Return usually marks a significant time in their life when they grow up and take responsibility for themselves. Unfortunately, with Baton Rouge being Gavin Long’s Natal Saturn Card, he may have taken what he thought was responsibility for some of the shootings that have happened.

Although we all have choice, as shown here, the environment is created for those choices and the right ones not always picked. It might be pondered that on a grander scale, the events are happening for a reason and the persons involved have made a sacrifice in some way, for us to experience this and evolve as a race – hopefully some good will come from these tragic events.

For an explanation of how the System works and its basis Click here

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