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The Shooting of Alton Sterling

The Tragic Death of Alton Sterling by Thomas Morrell © 2016 all rights reserved

On July 5th of 2016, Alton Sterling was shot and killed by Police out side a convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This article is not about who was right or wrong, but what Cards were in play within The Ancient Book of Time for Alton Sterling at the time of the event.

Alton Sterling was born on June 14th, 1979, this would make his Birth Card the 3 of Diamonds. Actually, this is the same birthday as Donald Trump and would give Sterling an air of importance and a good chance of being on the plump side. Alton Sterling was 37 years old at the time and was in the first 52 days of his Year, which would be his Mercury Period. In his Yearly Chart in this placement he had the 9 of Hearts, the Card that represents a disappointment in people, or a loss of some kind involving a person or people. Under Mercury it could be about a communication, or something that happens quickly.

In The Ancient Book of Time at age 37, one starts their Weekly Progressions on Plate 34, on July 5th, Alton Sterling started his 4th week and would be on Plate 37, the same Plate for the Yearly Chart at age 37. July 5th would be his Mercury Period, or day for the Week, forming a Mystic Conjunction with the Mercury Period/Card in the Yearly Chart – this creates a trigger for an event to happen. Unfortunately, the event that transpired was tragic.

In both Alton Sterling’s 91 Day Seasonal Chart and 28 Day Lunar Chart the cards in effect at the time were both in the Crown Line, the top 3 cards in each Plate. Being in the Crown Line can bring recognition to the experience/event, which it obviously did.

In the current Yearly Chart for Baton Rouge, it is on Plate 19 and in its 52 day Jupiter Period. In this position is the 6 of Hearts, which is Alton Sterling’s Inner Soul Card and sitting dead center in the Crown Line – recognition. More detail on Both Baton Rouge and Dallas, Texas will covered in the next article.

While this event was both tragic and seemingly unnecessary, it clearly shows when Cards and even Charts line up, significant events can happen.

For an explanation of how the System works and its basis Click here

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