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The Exit of Britain from the European Union

On June 23rd, 2016, the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union. While many are wondering the economic repercussions of this event, let’s look at what was in play at the time in the Card System (The Ancient Book of Time.)

The European Union was formed on November 1, 1993, the Card for this day is the 6 of Diamonds. This Card represents balance and responsibility in regards to values and finances. As its Birth Card, the EU will experience many ups and downs throughout its life to learn these lessons. The Planetary Sign Card for this day is the 10 of Diamonds, which can represent a large sum of money and/or control of it. Its Planetary Number Card is the Ace of Diamonds – indicating a desire for and shining in its worth. Quite interesting that the Birth Card, Planetary Sign and Number Cards are all Diamonds.

The EU is 22 years old and its current Yearly Chart would be on Plate 22. At the time of the event, it was in its 52 day Saturn Period - Saturn corresponding to difficulty, restriction, etc. The Ace of Hearts was in this position representing a new relationship of a difficult nature. The Reception Return Card*, (as talked about in the Prince posting) for the Ace of Hearts was the 5 of Clubs, the Planetary Sign Card for the United Kingdom (accepted birth date of January 1, 1801). The 5 of Clubs was also the Saturn Return Card for the year for the EU.

A couple of other significant placements for the EU in this Chart – the 6 of Diamonds was displacing the 9 of Spades, representing loss, disappointment, etc., which the EU would be taking on these qualities. Also, the Phoenix Card of the Year is the 3 of Diamonds. The Phoenix Card is the final, or true result of the Chart. The 3 of Diamonds would indicate financial concern and is the Planetary Number Card for the United Kingdom.

In its 28 day Lunar Chart*, it was in its 4 day Mars Period at the time and had the Ace of Spades there with the 5 of Clubs in the Vertical position. The Ace of Spades is a the Card of powerful transformation and the 5 of Clubs, again the Planetary Sign Card for the United Kingdom.

David Cameron (October 9, 1966/King of Clubs/age 49) had the 10 of Spades in Saturn at the time - trying to remain in control (10s are ruled by Sun/Pluto) but difficult (Saturn) and had the 3 of Diamonds as the Vertical Card, again the Planetary Number Card for the United Kingdom. In his 91 day Seasonal Chart, he had the 9 of Spades in Saturn representing a difficult loss and/or ending and he did say he was stepping down.

The European Union is still quite young and will go through more ups and downs within its journey through time. As reflected in the Card System, it is simply going through one of them at this time.

*The Reception Return Card and the 28 day Lunar Charts are two of many advanced techniques used in The Ancient Book of Time System, the precise, mathematical/astronomical calculations used with the Deck of Playing Cards.

For an explanation of how the System works and its basis Click here

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