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  • © 2016 by Thomas Morrell

The Death of Prince

The Death of Prince by Thomas Morrell © 2016

The groundbreaking musician Prince, died on April 21st, 2016. Let’s take a look at the cards to see what was in play at the time.

Prince was born on June 7th, 1958 making him a 10 of Diamonds. This card falls in the Jupiter Column/ Jupiter Line in the Life Plate and is considered the blessed position. It can indicate success with money, but many times it can be a control issue. Being a Gemini under this Card gives him much mental strength and power. Born on a Number 7 day ruled by Neptune, his Neptune Card would also come in to play. He had the 3 of Spades in this position, which is the Card of the Artist. The 3 of Spades can magnify health concerns, 3 being the Number of Jupiter (magnify) and the Suit of Spades ruling health and work. As his Neptune Card it would also raise concern with using drugs – ultimately, what he died from.

While there was much anxiety and health challenges in the various Charts in play at the time of his death (28 year, 7 year, 91 day seasonal, 28 day lunar and 7 day weekly) the Yearly Chart really pinpointed the event. Prince was in his 52 Day Neptune Period at the time of his death, Neptune ruling drugs and alcohol. He had the Queen of Diamonds in this position, which may signify a person who was helping him, possibly getting him the drugs. What is more interesting is what is called, the Reception Return Card*, in this case, the 6 of Spades one of the traditional death cards in the system.

Prince will be greatly missed and his influence on music will be felt for many years to come.

*The Reception Return Card has been used for many years in The Ancient Book of Time System and is another of many advanced techniques being used with it today.


Dannion Brinkley, author of “Saved by the Light”, had his first Near Death Experience on 9/17/1975. In his 91 day Seasonal Chart at the time he was in his 13 day Mercury Period and had the Queen of Diamonds there – the Reception Return Card was again, the 6 of Spades. He was using the telephone at the time of the event, ruled by Mercury of course.

For an explanation of how the System works and its basis Click here

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